February 1, 2023

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Russian and Belarusian Air Forces begin military exercises | Ukraine and Russia war

Russia and Belarus began military air exercises on Monday. This was reported by the Belarusian Ministry of Defense, stressing that the maneuvers are of a “defensive” nature.

The Ministry of Defense in Minsk reported that “from January 16 to February 1, 2023, tactical air maneuvers will be held on Belarusian territory, in which units of the Belarusian and Russian Air Force will participate.” All airfields and shooting ranges of the Air Force and anti-aircraft defenses of the Belarusian army will participate in the exercises.

“The main objective of the exercise is to enhance operational compatibility” between the two armies, it seems.

Several units of the Russian Air Force have already arrived in Belarus in recent days to take part in the exercises. The number of units involved was not disclosed.

a look. Ukraine conducts military exercises near the border with Belarus

Joint military exercises are scheduled The war in Ukraine particularly sensitive. Many observers fear that Russia wants to drag its ally into the military operation against Ukraine. also last year There were joint military exercises before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Belarus is one of Moscow’s main allies. At the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine in February last year, Belarus also served as a base for Russian forces. But so far the country has not actively participated in the fighting on Ukrainian soil.