December 4, 2022

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Russian and US defense ministers meet for first time in six months

Russian and US defense ministers meet for first time in six months

Left: Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense. Right: Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu. © AFP

The US and Russian defense ministers called on each other for the first time in six months. Both countries confirm this. International security and Ukraine were discussed.

ltoSource: BBC

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu reportedly met on Friday. The last time they did it was on May 13. But the Pentagon’s press secretary said BBC He told us that the US “wants to keep the lines of communication open”.

It is no coincidence that the two countries are now in contact with each other. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently warned against the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine and pointed out that the US had set a precedent with its attack on Japan at the end of World War II. However, experts in the United States and the United Kingdom consider it unlikely that Putin will carry out these threats. According to a Pentagon spokesman, after the conversation between the two ministers, there were “no indications” that Russia had decided to use nuclear weapons.

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Earlier this week, Biden accused Putin of trying to intimidate Ukrainians into surrendering after annexing the four regions. The Russian president is “in an incredibly difficult position right now,” he said. “The only option at his disposal is to brutalize individual citizens in Ukraine,” he said.

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