November 27, 2022

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Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine 'increasingly fierce', Russia accuses Ukraine of missile on dam

Russian attacks in eastern Ukraine ‘increasingly fierce’, Russia accuses Ukraine of missile on dam

As Russian attacks intensified in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian forces in the south of the country were said to have launched a counterattack. For example, a Ukrainian missile was said to have destroyed the Kachovka Dam, a large dam in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine. Several Russian news agencies reported this. The Russian military had captured the dam with its accompanying hydroelectric power station in the first weeks after the invasion of Ukraine.

A spokesman for the emergency services, who arrived shortly after the missile impact, was quoted by the Russian news agency TASS. According to that spokesman, the Ukrainian army could have caused a humanitarian catastrophe by attacking the dam. But Ukraine warns that the Russian military has placed explosives to blow up the dam and the factory.

The devastation could cause major flooding in several parts of the Russian-occupied city of Kherson, which is located downstream. The Russian army also advised residents of the city to leave the area as soon as possible. Many residents received a warning message on their phones urging them to evacuate as soon as possible. According to the Russian forces, the Ukrainian army will soon launch a large-scale counterattack.

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