January 31, 2023

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Russian aviation director dies after yacht crash

Russian aviation director dies after yacht crash

Ivan Pechurin, director of a large prestige project of the Russian president, died at the age of 39. He is said to have fallen from his yacht a few days after participating in a panel discussion discussing Russian geopolitics.

The Russian version of Pechurin’s death seems particularly tragic. Pro-Russian newspapers reported that eyewitnesses saw Pechurin leaving “intoxicated” with a group of friends on Saturday evening. Against the ban, the director of aviation braved the waters off the coast of Vladivostok after sunset. A little later in the evening came the alleged unfortunate fall. From his yacht fell into the waters near the island of Russky off Vladivostok. He washed his body ashore on Monday.

Ivan’s death is an irreparable loss to friends and colleagues. Great loss for the organization’, responds the Russian organization in which Pechurin worked.

Putin’s prestige project

The name of that organization – the Far East and Arctic Development Organization – leaves little to the imagination. It wants to strengthen Russia’s (economic) grip on the Far East and increasingly strategic Arctic regions. These areas are interesting for military exercises and raw materials, among others. Thus, the organization is implementing an important geopolitical prestige project for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pechorin was the man who had to direct the aviation branch in the right direction.

And he confirmed last week that the eastern wing is close to Putin’s heart, during a visit to the Eastern Economic Forum. In a statement on the site, Putin said the region is looking for life in a multipolar world, where the great powers are more dominant than the United States.

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Pechorin cannot be missed in the leading forum. On the same day that Putin arrived, the director of aviation moderated a discussion on “Access to aviation in the Far East in times of global turmoil.” A sensitive topic in the time of sanctions.

Get rid of it?

Once again, Pechurin’s bizarre death raises suspicions that the Kremlin is eliminating opponents of Putin or the war in Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of the neighboring country, a large number of notable personalities have been killed. Some “fell out the window”, others committed questionable suicides. Putin has long been known for his brutal style of dealing with dissent and contradiction.