December 9, 2022

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Russian soldier sentenced to life imprisonment in Ukraine for war crimes

Russian soldier sentenced to life imprisonment in Ukraine for war crimes

Vadim Shishimarin, 21, the first Russian soldier to face trial for war crimes in Ukraine, has been sentenced to life in prison in Kyiv. The Russian shot several times on an innocent 62-year-old Ukrainian man on his bike, and the man did not survive. Shishimarin

He immediately appealed the ruling.

The incidents occurred on February 28 near the city of Sumy in northeastern Ukraine, where fighting was fierce in the early weeks of the war. According to Irina Venediktova, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, Shchymarin was part of the defeated Russian tank division.

Then the sergeant tried to escape with four comrades-in-arms. Armed with automatic Kalashnikovs, they seized a car, which they drove to the village of Chubakivka. At that time, Oleksandr Shlypov was riding his bike home. The 62-year-old was on the phone, and the fleeing Russian soldiers were afraid he would pass through their position. So Shishimarin had shot the man several times through an open window of the car. The man died instantly.

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Shishimarin pleaded guilty, but his lawyer requested his acquittal, because the Russian allegedly followed an order from another soldier. However, according to the prosecutor, the Shishimarin should not have followed the order, because that other soldier was not of the highest rank. The judge agreed. Meanwhile, Shishimarin has filed an appeal against the ruling, his lawyer asserts.

623 suspects

Ukraine wants to prosecute more people for crimes committed during the war. Ukraine’s Chief Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova is investigating more than 13,000 cases and has 623 suspects in the photo.

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That’s it. How are you tried for a war crime and how long can it take?

That’s it. Is eliminating senior officers a war crime? What about an attack on President Vladimir Putin?