July 21, 2024

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Ruud Vormer without batting an eyelid: “They will be champions”

Ruud Vormer without batting an eyelid: “They will be champions”

Just like last season, the Jupiler Pro League title clinch is shaping up to be a real thriller. RSC Anderlecht is at the top of the classification again since Saturday. But the difference between Club Brugge and Union SG, who will play each other on Monday, is very small.

The halving of points that always precedes the playoffs is of course nonsense from a purely sporting point of view. But it creates a lot of stress. For example, last season the title changed several times in the final minutes of the tournament. Such a scenario cannot be ruled out this year either.

On paper, Anderlecht are currently in the best position. The Brussels folk won their fourth straight home game in the POs on Saturday evening against KRC Genk. This allowed them to leapfrog Club Brugge into top spot at the moment. But the purple and white are a long way from having the title in their hands.

Former Tips Club

After all, the record champion currently only has one point more than their big rival from Brugge. Union has four fewer. But if the new Cup winner takes full advantage of Jan Breidel on Monday, the three title contenders will go into the final two rounds with just one point behind.

On the day before the clash between the club and the Etihad, things could still go either way. However, Ruud Vormer believes he knows who will succeed. Previous Golden Boot added Sunday After all, we were asked who would become the champion. He answered without hesitation: “Club Brugge.”

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Traitorous Union

Vormer then qualified that by saying he wasn’t completely convinced either. A lot will depend on Monday’s match. According to the Dutchman, this will be very difficult for his former team. “Union will be a tough game. I think they’re a really good team, despite the bad run a few weeks ago. This team is holding together well. They’ll get a very big boost with the cup on Thursday.”