June 9, 2023

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RWDM and Beveren battle until the last day: Mbokani saves the pursuers in Lierse | Challenger Pro League 2022/2023

We’ve reached the peak nearly everyone was hoping for. RWDM and Beveren fight for the title (and promotion) in the second division until the final round of the match. Diomerci Mbokani swept the pursuers of Lierse in a great duel.

  • 24′ De Shriver 1-0
  • 28′ Barry 1-1
  • 32′ Mbokani 1-2
  • 68′ De Shriver 2-2
  • 72′ Costa 2-3

Straight to the heart of the matter: Leader RWDM will start next Saturday (8.45pm CEST) with just one point ahead of Beveren on the decisive final day.

The people from Brussels are the favorites anyway, because like their rival they are playing against a team of promises that have nothing to gain (or lose).

RWDM receives RSCA futures, Beveren Club receives NXT and must hope the leader loses points anyway.

The climate in Lierse is almost hostile

In Beveren, they will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief that they are still eligible for promotion.

A visit to Lierse threatened failure for a long time for the East Flemish club. First, the home team took the lead through De Schryver, but thanks Good age Meanwhile, Deumercy Mbokani, 37, turned the tide relatively quickly.

First, the former Golden Boot appeared with a brilliant heel that led to Barry’s equalizing goal, and then Mbokani headed himself with a 1-2 goal against the ropes. Despite this, according to an eyewitness on the field, the attacker made a “big mistake”.

With twenty minutes left, de Schriver equalized again. Substitute Costa eventually crowned himself as the saving angel by making it 2-3 with an angle.

  1. The second half, the 94th minute, the match is over
  2. Second half, 63rd minute. RWDM default champion again. There are two to two! At the 68th minute, RWDM is once again a virtual champion (thus sure of promotion). Once again it is de Schriver who punishes Beveren’s poor defense. .
  3. Second half, min. 61. Will Beveren give up the lead? There’s still half an hour to go in the bad second half at the moment. Will Beveren regain his lead against Lierse? Those who want an exciting final day should not hope. .
  4. Second half, 46th minute, the game started
  5. Halftime, 16 x 48. Barry is down 1-3 before halftime. Beveren enters the dressing room with a 1-2. Although the lead must be doubled. Once again, Mbokani got past everything and everyone in the corner, De Smit converted the try, but he also pushed the ball right in front of Barry. The attacker managed to shoot from a distance of 30 cm next to an empty target. Mbokani can still laugh about it. .
  6. The first half, the 47th minute, the match is over
  7. 1st half, minute 1 the match started
  8. In advance, at 5:34 p.m. Costa saves Angel for Beveren. Beveren crawls again. This time substitute Costa made it 2-3 with a wide shot. .
  9. Advance at 5:33 p.m. Beveren runs away after heading over the crossbar. This is a great piece to watch in anticipation of the first match between Antwerp and Genk. Lierse almost made it 3-3, but Naessens saw his header die on the crossbar. .
  10. Before the hour 17 and 29. Costa scored 2-3 decisive points. Again straight Beveren back. After a few minutes equalize it is 2-3 again. Now Costa is the saving grace with a beautiful cross. .
  11. Advance at 4:32 pm Mbokani with 1-2. 37 years old but not worn out in the least. After the great inspiration he provided in the 1-1 match, Mbokani now puts Beveren ahead. With a corner kick, the Congolese hit mercilessly. .
  12. In advance, 16 hours 29. 1-1 after half an hour. Still exciting in the decisive showdown between Lierse and Beveren. Half an hour later the score was 1-1. The hosts seemed to crush all the visitors’ title hopes with the opening goal, but a few minutes later the score was already level. Behind Barry’s goal, Mbokani did a great job. .
  13. before 4:29 p.m
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