December 8, 2022

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Ryanair warns of a "difficult summer" |  for travel

Ryanair warns of a “difficult summer” | for travel

The strike on Irish low-cost airline Ryanair in our country was well followed up last weekend. This is what the unions say. They are now expecting an answer from the administration. Without a proper suggestion from management, a trade unionist warns that “a difficult Ryanair summer, not only in Belgium, is threatening”.

Flight attendants and Ryanair flight attendants in Belgium began a three-day strike on Friday morning to demand “respect, fair pay and service to individuals worthy of that name”. The airline had to cancel about 280 flights to and from Charleroi and Zaventem airports. Ryanair itself spoke of a “useless strike that will disrupt the travel plans of thousands of passengers”.

The strike was followed by Belgian employees, according to ACV Puls and the Federation of French-speaking Christian Servants, CNE. “It was a general strike among the Belgian cabin crew,” says Hans Elsen of ACV Pulse. Work will resume on Monday.

Unions are now expecting a response from management next week. Our work sent a strong signal. There is a very high willingness to take action on the part of the staff. We are now assuming a management proposal next week, but we haven’t heard anything at the moment.”

The union acknowledges that consultations with Ryanair are difficult in any case. “It’s difficult, also in other countries.” Without a proper suggestion from management, Elsen warns, “a difficult summer threatens Ryanair, not only in Belgium.”

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