June 10, 2023

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S2F model ontkracht? PlanB geeft foute bitcoin voorspelling toe

S2F Model Expose? PlanB Admits to a Wrong Bitcoin Prediction » Crypto Insiders

Dutch crypto analyst PlanB has been very popular among investors for quite some time. He is stock to flow (S2F) Detailed track looked Bitcoin (BTC) To be able to predict. For this reason, PlanB has received a lot of attention from the crypto community with its Bitcoin price predictions on Twitter. However, he recently admitted that one of his predictions was wrong.

$98,000 in November

At the beginning of this month, PlanB indicated that it is convinced that the price of the largest cryptocurrency in November is still at least Price 98000 dollars can reach. On November 17, he announced that he still stands behind that prediction.

We now know that this likely won’t happen again. In recent days, there has been a serious correction and it seems that the $98,000 Bitcoin price is just a fantasy. Bitcoin price should rise more than 70% in a few days. Although this cannot be ruled out, of course, the chance seems very small.

Anyway, PlanB admitted on Twitter that its prediction for November was incorrect. According to him, this is the first time his prediction has been wrong. Previously, he was always right in his predictions on Twitter.

S2F نموذج model

It is important to realize that the predictions provided by PlanB on Twitter are separate from its S2F model. He clearly stated in his Twitter post that his model was not invalidated by a single incorrect prediction, which many investors on the social media platform claim. Many of these investors even blame PlanB for any heavy losses incurred.

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According to a Dutch analyst, the bitcoin price is still on track to reach the $100,000 magic milestone sooner or later, and the wrong prediction, regardless of the model, does not affect the reliability of its S2F model. If we were to believe PlanB, S2F would remain.