November 30, 2022

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SAI: 6 out of 9 checked government algorithms do not meet basic requirements – IT Pro – News

You’re right that feeling really safe and secure are two different things. I hired Holtenbroek in Zwolle for a number of reasons, and I’m known there and the Zwolle Police cheerfully announced a few years ago that they would continue to characterize, say, a statistic (racial among many).

Compared to the hole I live in, there is a huge difference. They both pretend to be really safe and secure.

I know quite a few people who have become victims of the criminal environment in which they grew up. This is not really because they feel they are being “treated as criminals” through the use of the police. Police presence is the result, not the cause.

We need to be more concerned about the cause. Because there is no cause and no effect. The reason is basically a criminal vaginal environment and no way to see/obtain/find a way out of it.

As a society, we’ve also been able to solve the criminal environments called “trailer camps” from the 80s and 90s. Not only by deploying more police, but also by deploying people a little more into the community. Breaking the vicious circle of poverty. As a society, we have not only presented opportunities there, but taken decisive action. Even I faction that regularly invaded the camps.

n = 1, but I have a feeling that we left the filthy criminal environments, where immigrants mainly live …. a little bit and let it boil in their juice. “It’s not their fault” “Pathetic” “They couldn’t get training.”

We leave these people in a vulnerable position as a society, because you imagine that you are “racial profiling” or you take other actions that could cause social protest.

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The fact that a well-meaning Surinamese citizen (an example in relation to a hurricane incident) is often stopped is not the fault of that secret society, the police, the angry white man. It is the fault of so many Surinamese who end up in crime. I don’t blame the Surinamese, because it is a social problem with multiple causes.

Because by letting it go a bit, we have now managed to create quite a few ghettos in Holland. Then the Rova (the local equivalent) could clean up the gang on a daily basis, remove the graffiti and keep housing construction busy to prevent homes from being impoverished. You can continue to polish the turd, it remains turdI feel it could be construed as discriminatory in this discussion, rather than my intent

I wish the children who grow up in such neighborhoods a dignified future, I wish the people who end up in such neighborhoods because of the circumstances or the way out or at least a safe and good environment.

If it turns out once again that the approach that gives socially skewed eyes has a positive effect. In this case, algorithms that can ensure a more efficient police deployment (because they are simply too limited). Then why not? The alternative in this case is that the innocent are the good losers.