December 6, 2023

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Sam Bettens shows his body in no uncertain terms: "I want to transcend ...

Sam Bettens shows his body in no uncertain terms: “I want to transcend …

“You don’t have to hide your body.” Sam Pettins (49) literally sings it before he puts his words into action. In the new video for Rex Rebel, Bittens shows his body in no-nonsense terms for the first time since moving in. It’s like, “I want to make being transgender normal and open to discussion.”

Nina Bernerts

The section is minimalistic and in black and white. Only Sam Bettens with a large coat, chair, mirror and chair, there’s not much to see. However, the passage speaks volumes. Peetins looks in the mirror, looks a little nervous about what’s to come, and then throws his big coat away. The ballast has been removed for good. “You don’t need to hide your body‘, he sings with a smile. The relief is palpable. He smiles for the camera and shows his body after a double mastectomy.

Pettens makes a statement with this: He can finally be himself and that body too is a part of it, he actually scored this summer in smoking. “Anything in my life that includes ‘being a man’ is a wonderful thing. Just being able to walk to the mailbox topless in the morning, you can’t believe how good that is.” podcast in DS today He adds, “It must have been terrible for a cis woman to lose her breasts, and I also thought it would be an emotional moment for me. But from the first moment I saw myself in the mirror, I knew: It’s true, it’s normal.”

The fact that he is now also showing his torso in the new video should also help young transgender people. “I know that for many people I am the only trans man they know. I am aware of this unique situation and want to make this topic negotiable and natural.” I am now also showing my body to this sixteen-year-old, who watches my vlog with His mom and maybe he can start that difficult conversation. Mama may know me from back in the day and say: Oh alright. “

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They also say in the Transgender Infopunt that it can encourage others. “Physical rest is often a taboo. A statement like this by someone like Sam Pettens sends us a powerful signal,” says coordinator Jose Mottmans. “It can really be heart-belt for others. For example, many transgender people stop exercising, and no longer dare to show their bodies in the pool or on the beach. Then when you see a trans person like Sam, it can be a relief. Hopefully it can be normalized this way and we won’t be surprised soon.”

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