February 8, 2023

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Sam De Bruyn is temporarily back at Studio Brussel

Sam De Bruyn is temporarily back at Studio Brussel

“I once said, laughing: If someone stops working because of Corona, just call.” Not Corona, but the birth of Eva de Roux’s son Arto is the reason why Sam De Bruyn has temporarily returned to Studio Brussel. De Bruyn worked there from 2008 to 2015 as a presenter and gained fame when he was locked up in “Glass House” for three consecutive years. Music for life. After that he went to work at Qmusic, in the fall of 2020 he said goodbye to the radio. “I wasn’t forced to work with someone else on the same project every day,” he says.

So far, his return to StuBru is definitely tentative. This is the third time that De Bruyne’s voice has been heard again in his old employer. In the spring of 2021, offer a nine-week weekend De Bruyne’s travel And in October he was a co-host of Zeros With de Roux and Michel Cuvier.

After his stint at Qmusic, De Bruyn took three months off. He says to “under duress” Newspaper “Because I still haven’t learned to take a vacation.”

Since leaving Qmusic, De Bruyn has recorded and maintained the sound to his travel blog Handbag.com. This also arouses the interest of customers, such as the city of Ostend. His latest project is an online store for sustainable travel items, Skolto. (eadp)

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