December 8, 2023

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Sam Gorris suddenly burst into tears for his children: "I...

Sam Gorris suddenly burst into tears for his children: “I…

Sam Gooris encountered some problems during the recordings of “Expedition Gooris”.

Striking moment Expedition Juris Yesterday evening. During one of the interviews with the camera crew, Sam Gooris always had a hard time when he said that the trip with his family made him realize that he had lost a lot of his childhood. “Always work, work, work.”

Desmytere Road

in a Expedition Juris Seen Tuesday night on VTM 2 how Kelly Pfaff (44), singer Sam Gores (48) and their children Shania (21) and Kenji (19) stopped in beautiful Italy. The family visited Verona, Milan, Tuscany and Lake Garda. Although Gooris wasn’t always the most enthusiastic travel companion at the start of the trip – Salzburg’s streets and squares weren’t quite as inviting as the terraces – he told yesterday how much I enjoyed it. quality time With his family.

“When Kenji and Shania were young, his schedule really exploded,” Pfaff said. “But because we were at such a pace, we didn’t really realize it. Now I really enjoyed seeing them laugh together, and act silly.”

Goris wholeheartedly agreed. “The first 14 days of August are already blocked. Then I don’t get a job and the four of us are gone. I missed a lot and I am very sorry.” Then the sound started reeling. “This trip made up for it. I had a lot of fun. Now I’m having a hard time.”

The singer tried to hold back her tears, but she still needed some time to calm down. Nice to see: This also happened in true Gooris style. “Stupid, say. My apologies,” he told the camera crew. “Come on, we can move on.”

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