December 6, 2023

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Samantha Stenwick apologizes after comments about 'The Voice' scandal

Samantha Stenwick apologizes after comments about ‘The Voice’ scandal


K2 looking for K3Jury member Samantha Stenwick (35 years old) was a guest on the Dutch talk show Saturday night RTL Boulevard. There she made some wonderful statements about the soundThe scandal that broke out that day is now publicly apologizing.

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Samantha Steenwijk became known in the Netherlands thanks to her participation in Holland sound In 2017. As a former nominee, she added RTL Boulevard Her views on allegations of sexual abuse and abuse of power released on Saturday. Things didn’t go well.

Stenwick said she had already heard rumors of misconduct behind the scenes, from people dating candidates and promising them that they would advance during the tour. She added that she had “never experienced this”.

Moments later, she clearly doubted the stories. The Dutch singer referred to the “attractiveness of artists”. “Maybe it was also simply because the candidate finds it interesting to sleep with an artist, because of course we have that a lot,” it seems. “The stories, of course, are also for the secretary with the director.”

According to her, no bad things can happen during recordings or rehearsals. “You have been given a schedule on which is written: ‘You should be there from 1 to 5 pm today.’ You are not free for a second! If things like that have already happened, it seems to me very strongly that it happened during recordings or rehearsals.”

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Stenwick also believed that the case should not be blown up. “not only this the sound It is happening. I feel bad now the sound He is blamed. I just tried it as a great, great program and a great starting point.”

blaming the victim

Stenwick came under fire after her remarks. According to many viewers, the singer was engaged in the triumph, blaming the victims. In addition, I underestimated the importance of the matter.

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On Monday evening, the singer apologized for her Instagram story. “I’m sorry if my words came the wrong way,” she wrote. “What I meant is that I have not been approached in the wrong or unpleasant way, and that I also do not know or know what experiences the candidates and/or other employees have had with regard to any form of sexually abusive behavior and abuse of power.” Stenwick wrote that she Very sad for all the victims and hopes the investigation will provide more clarity.

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