December 4, 2022

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Sammy Neyrinck saw F1 make a bad turn again during the end of the season: ‘That wasn’t a good advertisement’ | Formula 1

Was he or wasn’t the world champion? This question stunned sports fans on Sunday morning. Not nearly every observer (and protagonist, Max Verstappen) is convinced. Even Formula 1 pulled a sentence from the great rulebook.

“It’s weird that there was no communication from above about how many points they were racing for,” said Sami Nayrink. “As a result, it took a long time before there was clarity about the world title.”

And that’s not good for an F1 product, our commentator judges. “More than ever, it will be a sport for the true connoisseurs, while the interest has never been so great and universal before.”

“It’s not good if you want to attract more fans. It provides anti-hype for F1 and motorsport. People will say, ‘What trouble was that again?’. And that’s a shame.”

Neyrinck doesn’t think all the fuss is detracting from Max Verstappen’s second world title.

“In 10 years, no one will know exactly what happened, and that will fade. But everyone will remember how he led Verstappen to a second world title.”

Perhaps it would have been different if a tractor had been on the Suzuka track two meters away. Neyrinck saw how the new drama was avoided there. It was, after uncertainty about the outcome, a second negative note.

Pierre Gasly is shocked. 7 years ago Jules Bianchi, a native of Gasly, was killed after colliding with a similar machine in Suzuka as well.

“How lucky that nothing happened there. It’s still difficult for F1 to organize and control some things. Is that a lot of money going to the right things, I wonder sometimes.”

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