December 1, 2022

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Samsung and LG are not (far) done with foldable screens

Samsung and LG are not (far) done with foldable screens

No longer are new smartphones with foldable screens. However, they have not achieved resounding success yet. That is, imho, mainly because there is no killer app that justifies using a foldable smartphone. In addition, the price tags, which are (so far) still above €1,000 – with a peak around €2000 – are also a limiting factor for success. However, there is no reason for manufacturers like Samsung and LG to say goodbye to foldable screens.

New foldable screens

Korean manufacturers still have a lot of (crazy) ideas for a foldable smartphone concept. This is evident from the concepts they presented to the world this week during the annual Presentation Week conference.

LG showed an 8-inch foldable screen that folds in and out. The so-called 360-degree foldable OLED screen. According to LG, the screen is solid enough to be folded 200,000 times without any problems. But since pictures say 1,000 times more than words, this concept is best explained in an LG explainer video.

Samsung “triple” foldable

Samsung also showed off a new foldable screen, but of course with a different concept than its rival LG. Samsung has opted for a foldable screen with three panels. It can be folded together.

But this is not the only new concept demonstrated by this Korean manufacturer. They also showed a “slide out” screen, which can be extended from the top (or bottom) side. Again, a short video is worth over 1,000 words.

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