December 8, 2022

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Samsung Galaxy A53 video review: the successor to sales success

Samsung Galaxy A53 video review: the successor to sales success

Few Android phones were as successful last year as the Samsung Galaxy A52. Now that the new A53 is here, we wonder if the smartphone is just as good as its predecessor. It’s time to review the video.

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This is the Samsung Galaxy A53 video review

Samsung had last year with Galaxy A52 Real sales hit. The A52 was one of the most popular (and best) smartphones of 2021 and it “succeeded” at the end of the year by Galaxy A52s† However, the A52s was not a complete successor. The improvements were only minor.

right Now Galaxy A53 Available. It should be an amazing new mid-range device from Samsung and once again has a lot to offer. However, it is remarkable that the innovations are small this time around and the A53 is very similar to its predecessor. In addition, not all changes work well.

What about that? In our video review, we’ll update you in less than six minutes. For example, we look at the design, improved cameras, and a new processor. Battery life is also discussed, as this is one of the biggest advantages of the Samsung A53. On the other hand, there is no charger in the box anymore.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 written review

Do you want to know more? Also check out the extended and written Samsung Galaxy A53 review† You can read the conclusion below.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 does a lot of good. Build quality is good, battery life is excellent, and while the cameras are a bit inconsistent, they aren’t out of place in this price range. On top of that, you’re enjoying a beautiful screen that for many people is hard to distinguish from the absolute best devices.

To maintain the illusion of a flagship, Samsung had to shrink the processor. This is a compromise that we seriously question. Thanks to the excellent software policy, you can theoretically use the A53 for a long time.

However, we fear the device will feel too slow in about three years. So, if you are considering this phone, we will definitely look at its predecessor as well. A52s are supported for a shorter period of time, but are much faster and cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy A53 deals

The suggested retail price for the Samsung Galaxy A53 is €449, but the price has already dropped significantly in a short time. In many electronic stores, you can now pick up the phone for 70 euros less. check the Samsung Galaxy A53 price comparison for current prices and offers.