December 7, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S22 gets Astrophoto mode (Expert RAW + Android 13)

Do you want to have a special Astrophoto Camera position on you Samsung Galaxy S22? Then check the latest version of RAW Expert Application. This device has a number of new tools – including the new mode for shooting constellations.

Galaxy S22 with Astrophoto camera position

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S22, one of the sales platforms focused on the capabilities of the camera for night photography – the night, as the PR department of Samsung called it. But if you’re taking pictures at night anyway, why not capture the starry sky? This is also possible, provided you have The Android 13 update is already installed on your Galaxy S22. and you d RAW Expert You have a camera app.

If you are on your Galaxy S22 (Ultra) With Android 13 the latest version of RAW Expert If you install it, you will get some great new features. one of them Do you Astrophoto Site. If you enable it, you can take well-optimized photos of the dark night sky. Additionally, if you air guideReally, Samsung, what a poorly translated name! – Screens, your phone will also show where the celestial bodies and constellations are located.

to beautiful Astrophotus You have to put in some effort to make it happen. The pose takes a long time to expose the shot – minutes – so just holding it casually in your hand is not necessarily a good idea. And let’s be honest: It hasn’t been a night since we installed the new app, so we haven’t tested it ourselves yet. So we can’t say much about the results you achieve with it. Maybe they impress them, maybe they don’t at all. we will try.

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Multiple exposures

The second new feature is that RAW Expert Version must be presented – in Settings under the title Labsby the way – is Multiple exposures. This allows you to take multiple photos with different exposures, so that they can be combined into a single photo with – on paper – excellent exposure.

RAW Expert to install

If you are RAW Expert If you already have it, all you have to do is update the app to the latest version. Of course you can do it yourself Galaxy Store. If you don’t have the app yet, install it in a file Galaxy Store is here. As far as we understand, your Galaxy S22, S22+, or S22 Ultra must have gotten the Android 13 upgrade — but that’s Now available in Holland and Belgium.

Other Galaxy devices

Because Android 13 is a requirement for the new version LabsJobs you can Astrophoto And the Multiple exposures Currently only used in Galaxy S22 series. We’re assuming that at least some other devices, that you’re on now too RAW Expert They can be used, also you will get the functions after upgrading. Think Galaxy Z Fold 4for example – and maybe some older models as well.

do you have Astrophoto Already tried?