October 4, 2023

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Samsung launches “Virtual Production Wall” in Europe at IBC 2023 – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

Samsung launches “Virtual Production Wall” in Europe at IBC 2023 – Samsung Newsroom Belgium

Two versions of The Wall are now available in Europe, further strengthening Samsung’s leadership in virtual production studios for XR

Samsung heralds the future of virtual production with its latest range of digital signage. The Virtual Production Wall (model name: IVC) is now available in Europe and will be on display at IBC 2023, taking place in Amsterdam from September 15 to 18. This expansion builds on the North American release announced at InfoComm 2023.

“The virtual production wall creates limitless possibilities for filmmakers, producers and studios by making digital effects more powerful, while making virtual content production easier, faster and more cost-effective,” said Christoph Willems, Head of PM Professional Display at Samsung. “Each feature has been carefully selected to support businesses from all sectors in creating virtual content at an unprecedented level of quality.”

Samsung’s industry-leading visual display technology delivers powerful productivity capabilities that expand reality. Production studios can create virtual content with very large LED walls and combine them with real-time visual effects to reduce content production time and costs. The Wall for Virtual Production is a leader in these types of applications and can enhance projects by adding lifelike detail, texture, volume, and tones to virtual environments. The new IVC models, the P1.68 and P2.1, have a curvature range of up to 5800R, providing a more realistic field of view. The monitor also has an updated Gene Lock function that syncs The Wall with system signals, eliminating dropped or double frames. This function – combined with an improved phase shift function that adjusts the delay between the camera and the screen – ensures a perfect image.

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To display colors as accurately and consistently as possible, The Wall for Virtual Production features 3D color correction tables (LUTs), wide-gamut HDR color processing, and color matching between cabinets or individual units. Integrated Virtual Production Management (VPM) software and intuitive interface make it easy to manage your monitor and achieve the highest possible image quality in a virtual production environment. VPM can also detect and resolve any LED related problems.

The Virtual Production Wall is suitable for any studio environment, regardless of the size of the build demand. Whether it’s a volume studio or an XR studio, The Wall for Virtual Production enables the production of immersive content.

“We are thrilled to support Samsung in launching IVC for The Wall for Virtual Production series at this year’s IBC. We have extensive experience in creating advanced virtual production and XR broadcast studios and are very excited about the powerful new tools,” said Andy Hook, Technology Solutions Director at White Light. “These tools give us unprecedented opportunities to build more robust and flexible virtual manufacturing environments and continue to drive progress and transformation in this field.”

The virtual production wall has impressive specifications, such as:

  • Enhanced 4:9 aspect ratio with various mounting options, including the ability to hang or stack with other monitors for best results in different production environments.
  • A 12,288 Hz refresh rate reduces flickering lines and ensures clear results regardless of the camera used during shooting.
  • Black Seal Technology+, which delivers the purest levels of black for unprecedented depth. Users enjoy unparalleled contrast that resists dust and particles common in production environments.
  • 20-bit processing for accurate, error-free color mapping and precise linear grayscale capture the complexity of every scene, with realistic textures, volume, and uninterrupted shadow detail.
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The P1.68 and P2.1 models from The Wall for Virtual Production are now available worldwide, including Europe.