December 4, 2022

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Samsung lets South Korean S21 users protect data via repair mode – tablets and phones – news

Samsung has introduced a new repair mode for Galaxy S21 devices in South Korea. After activation, photos, messages, and account information can no longer be referenced, so sensitive information remains protected while the device is being repaired.

The South Korean company wants to use this repair mode to prevent personal information of Samsung customers from getting into the hands of corporate employees when they repair a Samsung device. The company is working on bringing the mode to Galaxy S21 devices via a software update, but it will also bring the feature to other models. It is not clear what these models are. It’s also not clear if repair mode will come to Samsung smartphones anywhere else in the world.

To activate the mode, the South Korean user has to go to the Settings app and then tap on the Device maintenance section. In Battery, you can choose to enable the hotfix mode after which the smartphone will restart and there will be no access to personal data such as photos, messages and account information. The mode can also be turned off again via the same settings menu. For this, a pattern or fingerprint scan must be entered. according to South Korean press release From Samsung, only default apps will be active in this mode.

Samsung S21 repair mode in South Korea
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