July 22, 2024

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Samsung solves the speaker problem with Tizen update

Samsung solves the speaker problem with Tizen update

The previous Tizen update gave many users headaches with Samsung speakers. The problems are now resolved.

In March, Samsung sent out an update for Tizen on TVs starting in 2023. This operating system works on many Samsung TVs, but has been causing problems since the last update. Users are experiencing visual errors and having issues with their speakers. These problems should now be solved.

The sound bar issue has been resolved

Samsung has released a new update for Tizen, version 1402.5. It contains fixes for issues introduced in March with version 1402.2. This is also evident in the update notes, where the manufacturer explains what exactly has changed. Brand is very short this time: Fixed an issue where sound would drop when connecting a speaker.

Speaker issues have affected many users. Interestingly, all of these users have speakers from Samsung itself. Anyone who has had another brand’s soundbar under a Samsung TV has not noticed the problem. With Samsung speakers, the sound sometimes cuts out, which of course does not improve the viewing experience.

Visual defect removed

With the latest update, Samsung has also resolved another issue. Many users have seen that a new icon has been added on the home screen after the latest update. This appeared between the tiles where you can usually switch to apps or another input channel. Only: users couldn’t do anything with it, because there were no functions attached to the box.

In short: This box was actually there to do nothing, except get in the way. With the latest update to your Samsung TV, that box should disappear again, making your home screen look tidier again.

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In most cases, Tizen updates are installed automatically. Have you turned off automatic updates? Then you have to update your TV manually. This can be done by going to Settings and then going to “Support” under “All Settings”. There you will see the option to update your TV to the latest software version.