December 4, 2022

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Samsung’s “XISO-CELL”: the next generation of camera sensors?

Samsung’s trademark application for “XISO-CELL” raises questions like: Is this a new generation of camera sensor? And of course: his future Samsung Galaxy S23 Anything to do with that?

Samsung XISO-CELL Camera Sensors

For years, Samsung has been making – now – a long line of camera sensors called ISOCELL. The first ISOCELL sensor appeared in 2014 Galaxy S5. Since then, the sensors have appeared under various related names, and in recent years “ISOCELL Plus” and “ISOCELL 2.0” have been added. And now an application has appeared in South Korea to protect the “XISO-CELL” brand name – XISOCELL.

The Request Itself – apart from the name itself – does not reveal much. It is about a product that can be found in the category in which electronics such as smartphones can be found. Of course, the name does not belong exclusively to smartphones. After all, camera sensors are eventually found in a wide variety of devices.

Other than that we can only watch the coffee grounds. That’s how we came More allusions against Samsung is working on the cameras image shift sensor. Plus, the sensor moves to counteract vibrations—not the lens. However, it is impossible to say whether the XISOCELL name is intended for such sensors.

What about the Galaxy S23?

It is impossible to say whether Samsung will soon put the first XISOCELL camera in the Galaxy S23 series. So far, the name has not appeared regarding these devices, although not all the exact details are known yet about the S23, S23 + and S23 cameras. Galaxy S23 Ultra. So we’re holding back in that regard. As said: to look more like coffee is not possible at the moment.

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Indicators in this direction are likely to appear in the coming months. After all, it’s already November, and the launch of the Galaxy S23 It is expected in February. So it won’t be long before these kinds of details start leaking out. Otherwise, there is CES, which will be held in Las Vegas from January 5th.