July 22, 2024

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Sandra Kim is 50 years old: ‘Growing doesn’t affect me’ |  showbiz

Sandra Kim is 50 years old: ‘Growing doesn’t affect me’ | showbiz

In 1986 she was the youngest Eurovision winner ever, but time still stands for Sandra Kim. The blond Nightingale turns 50 today, and is celebrating the achievement with a new single and a big concert. Elle aime la vie.

“I slept a little, because something like that is allowed when it’s your birthday,” the Italian-Belgian singer laughs when we congratulate her. “Soon I will drink a glass of champagne and have a piece of cake. Of course with my husband and my family. I feel no different from yesterday, and fortunately – except for a few minor ailments – I don’t have anything. People keep asking me if I don’t mind turning 50. But fair ?Getting old doesn’t bother me.I also think the number “50” is a relative character, includes tu? As if that makes a difference with a 49 or 51.”

However, Sandra has some for her birthday Specials She shook from her sleeve. Tomorrow she will be having a birthday party at Kursaal in Ostend, and she has released a new single with the song Take Me As I Am. “I gave a lot this summer, but tomorrow I’m going to a very personal party,” it seems. “Every song has meaning, and that’s the way it should be. Whether I also brought my new single? Of course. “Take Me As I” is a song I’m proud of. It’s a powerful song where authenticity is paramount. They say honesty takes longer, and I believe So really. Anyone who knows me knows that too. If I like something, I say it. But you also know when I don’t like something. (Laughs) “Take me as I am” can be taken as a statement. I will never change myself for anything or anyone” .

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“I would never have sung songs like this before,” Sandra continues. “This may be an advantage of getting older: you don’t care so much about what other people think, and you set your own path. At least, that’s how it went with me. It would be nice if ‘Take Me As I Am’ was the harbinger of a new album. But it’s not easy anymore. Today. Record companies aren’t as flexible as they used to be. But maybe someone would like to give me a budget gift for my birthday? (laughs)”

Sandra Kim’s birthday party tickets are available at concertevents.be

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