July 23, 2024

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Saudi Arabia Noordzeegouw organizes a game day in Boudewijnpark

Saudi Arabia Noordzeegouw organizes a game day in Boudewijnpark

Noordzeegouw, the umbrella organization for West Flemish KSA groups, organized a big day of games at Boudewijn Seapark in Bruges on Sunday. About 1,500 members from Saudi Arabia come from all over the province to enjoy in the park and are also treated to a dolphin show.

There is clearly a lot of enthusiasm for this edition of the Saudi Arabia Noordzeegouw Biennale. This event is a game day for the youngest members and their leadership. This pertains to dwarves and badgers, ages 6 to 10, and their leadership. Because of Corona, the event cannot happen in 2020. “So we are now very happy that we can welcome about 1,500 West Flemish Saudis here,” says Tim Derricks, one of the leaders who co-organized the day from the boycott umbrella.

“For this occasion, the park is divided into three zones: A, B, and C. In each zone, they must play at least three games or take part in one of the attractions in the park. This relates to games such as duck hunting, or a “cram game” (throwing plugs on target, editor) or hitting game. During the games, a leader stamps a card at a time. When the children complete an area, they come to the governor’s booth, identifiable by our white coats and wigs, and there they each get a piece From a rocket flying into space.”

Bigger story

“After all, there is a story behind the back of this whole match. It all revolves around the so-called ‘Dolfanians’, a mix of dolphins and aliens, who unfortunately with their spacecraft and ended up here. By doing tests and research, the kids gather materials necessary to repair the spacecraft so they can return. And the kids are really excited about this whole setup and the story,” adds co-leader Emile de Kersjetter.

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In the indoor game village, near the entrance to the park, we find the large Izegem section of Saudi Arabia. “We are here with 32 Kabouters and Pagadders and 25 leaders,” says Tiemen Delarue, one of the leaders of Izegem in Saudi Arabia. “Guests here in the play village also have to look for the emblems which they have to stick on a card. The full map also helps to save part of the rocket for the ‘Dolfanians.’ Soon we will go outside to explore the park further. In addition, it is useful to be With many leaders; to keep these little guests together.”

dolphin show

A walk in the garden quickly explains: These younger members of Saudi Arabia are having a great time in the Boudewijn Garden in Bruges. Whether it’s on a whirlpool, pirate ship, roller coaster, or waterslide: they’ll have a blast.

After all that fun, Saudis also enjoy a real dolphin show at the accompanying dolphinarium, before heading home at 4.30pm.