October 2, 2022

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Sausage fingers raise rumors about King Charles' health

Sausage fingers raise rumors about King Charles’ health

Britain’s King Charles has been photographed several times in recent days with strikingly swollen red hands, leading to speculation about possible health issues. We consulted cardiologist Pedro Brugada.

The 73-year-old king suffered from swollen fingers ten years ago, which he himself called “sausage fingers”. Pedro Brugada, the most famous cardiologist in our country, confirms that there are many possible causes of thick or deformed fingers. “Of course I cannot comment on the state of health of King Charles III,” Brugada said. His personal doctor has the medical file, but based on some photos you can’t conclude why. You first need to know more about the person in question, before you can make statements about it.”

It is not entirely clear if Charles’ oily toes are congenital. “Some people are born this way, others are due to a disease, but trauma can also lead to swollen fingers or hands. In addition, people who perform manual labor often have thicker hands, while right-handed tennis players often have Their right hand is bigger than the left hand. Golfers also have to deal with this phenomenon.”


“In children with congenital heart defects, we also sometimes see what are called drum fingers,” Pedro Brugada says. “This is a deformity of the fingertips. This also occurs as a symptom of abnormalities in the lungs or liver, which leads to a lack of oxygen in those parts of the body furthest from the heart, such as the fingers.”

In addition, rheumatic diseases can also lead to joint thickening and deformation, depending on the underlying cause, this can be a particularly painful condition.

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