November 28, 2023

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Scab & Rosé: This little animal is growing in student homes

Scab & Rosé: This little animal is growing in student homes

If you suffer from scabies, it is recommended to rub your entire body with the cream. Since scabies is transmitted by skin contact, all housemates should also apply sunscreen at the same time. In my students’ house in the Rotterdam district of Kralingen, they scoff at him: “SER (scab and rose) evenings are always so fun, we help each other with lube and drink a glass of roses. Play.” said resident Rexit.


The scabies mite, or scabies, is a spider. Marietta Brax, an entomologist at RIVM, has been working on scabies mites for years. “The females secrete a specific enzyme that can dissolve human skin, thus diving a few millimeters deep into the skin. There the females lay their eggs and drink lymph fluid. Only a small percentage of those eggs mature. In most infected people, only about 10 scabies mites are active in the body, whereas It can cause a lot of itching.”


GGD in Rotterdam has seen an increase in scabies infestations in the past 10 years. This is also observed in neighboring countries. The cause is still unknown, which is why GGD is beginning to investigate the DNA of the scabies mite. For example, it can be checked whether an outbreak of scabies in students’ homes, for example, is caused by a scabies mite, or whether there are frequent recurrences from different sources. According to Ewout Fanoy (GGD Rotterdam), this is badly needed, because “even if it doesn’t kill you, it’s very annoying to get scabies.”

You can read more information about this skin condition here:

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