December 1, 2023

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Schroeder makes a striking statement about de Kettleri's position

Schroeder makes a striking statement about de Kettleri’s position

Next Saturday, Alfred Schroeder will be on the line for the first time as Brugge coach in an official match, when he visits the national champion STVV for his first match in the 2022 tournament. Undoubtedly, the Dutchman has made his mark on the team by then, having tried A little bit on training in Marbella last week.

One of the discussions that erupted again after the training matches against Karlsruhe and Puskas Akademie revolves around the position of Charles de Kitleri. Philip Clement has always played the gold medal title in recent months as a deep striker or wing attacker, but Schroeder has put him in recent games in 10th place. This was partly due to the absence of Hans Vanaken, who had to cancel the match against Puskas due to injury.

Includes Schroeder latest news However, it didn’t matter that De Ketelaere would appear as a deep attacker in the future. He also sees other possibilities for the 20-year-old Red Devil. “The top players like Charles, Zeich, Tadic and Messi can play in many positions,” the coach said. “Now, I’m sure he’ll put Charles in ‘6’ or ‘8’ and he’ll do a great job too. Charles can play in at least four positions.”

Versatile and versatile
So it seems Schroeder is well aware of the versatility of De Ketelaere, who has held various positions since his debut as a professional. He made his debut at that time against Paris Saint-Germain as a substitute for Rod Former in the eight, while also playing as the No. 10, as a deep striker and wing striker. Last season in the Champions League, he took over the entire left winger sponsorship in a number of matches.

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