February 5, 2023

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Searching for a house in Flanders: for less than €300,000 you can actually live in the center of Bruges or near Sint-Niklaas |  near

Searching for a house in Flanders: for less than €300,000 you can actually live in the center of Bruges or near Sint-Niklaas | near

Are you looking for a new place or just want to know the cost of houses in Flanders these days and where everyone wants to live? We go every week to look for a home all over Flanders with local real estate experts. This week we’re traveling from downtown Bruges to a lot of open space in Burglone in Limburg.

1. An island in Antwerp: expensive and quickly becoming more expensive

We start this week at An island in Antwerp: A new urban area with a marina in the north of Antwerp. The area is surrounded by Scheldt and Norderlan and is also known for attractions such as MAS, Red Star Line Museum and Port House. In about twenty years, Eilandje has transformed from a deserted port area into a bustling neighborhood with a luxury loft. “People want to live there for its proximity to the water and the feeling of space. You’re not in the bustle of downtown, but you are still close to it,” says Karel Vanacker, CEO of ERA ONE real estate office. But living on the island also has some drawbacks. Read more here.

2. Matadiwijk in Leuven (Flemish Brabant): There are almost no houses on the market, but this is a good alternative

Would you rather not live on water? Then we will take you to Matadi neighborhood in Heverley: Leuven’s quirky park area off the ring road. Today Matadi district is a desirable neighborhood with a close-knit community. The charm of the English Garden District, the cozy little gardens and the location – close to the tranquility of Park Abbey and at the same time a stone’s throw from the city center – explain its success. “We just sold a house there. We had sixty visitors in two days. A customer waited three years for the house to be available. But as is often the case in Leuven, demand is greater than supply,” says Ward van Windkens of We Invest. Those who adore the Matadi area may find something to their liking in the Spanish Crown. Read more here.

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Original renovated house in the Spanish Crown © Emo Levitt

3. You get this for less than €200,000 in downtown Bruges (West Flanders)

Then we stop at Bruges city center. Can you buy a house there for less than 200,000 euros? Because they come to the market, those homes. But what do you get for that money? Dilapidated old houses? Or can you do small miracles with a minimal renovation budget? We discussed with some experts, for you.

4. Affordable space and greenery in Burglone in Limburg

Since Corona there has been a lot of interest in Limburg Haspingo, says real estate agent Mark Swivers. Tourists from all over the provincial borders come to Borgloon, a city south of Limburg, for the beautiful nature, translucent church, and original tree houses of Tranendreef. “The atmosphere in the city is unique. The people are friendly and hospitable and live at a different pace than the rest of Flanders. Perhaps it has to do with the wonderful scenery in Borgloon: it allows you to de-stress and relax anyway. But on the other hand, there is a lot to do. Downtown History breathes and you cannot count beautiful buildings, museums and monuments on your hands.” flaw? You are a little off the highway to the rest of Flanders, but you are interesting the prices It may relieve the pain…

Villa in Hoepertingen (Limburg).

Villa in Hoepertingen (Limburg). © Mark Swiffers

5. Nieuwkerken (East Flanders): Affordable and accessible

We finish this week New churches near St. Niklas. The village is particularly desirable in the real estate market. Not only because of the club’s active life, close-knit community and two elementary schools, but especially because of its highly preferred and strategic location. “This convenient location combined with the tranquility and rustic character of Newarken makes the village a real hotspot,” says Veerle Martens of D&A Vastgoed. “Demand is greater than supply,” Fairley experiences. They are sold out in no time. “It’s strange that you don’t notice it yet it’s very interesting the prices …

Townhouse for sale in Nieuwkerken.

Townhouse for sale in Nieuwkerken. © rv

See inside. For a million little ones this Art Deco house in Gentse Miljoenenkwartier is yours (+)

Interior look. For 1.5 million euros you can shower in luxury, 40 meters high: “The pool in this penthouse in Leuven has only been used once” (+)

Looking inside a stepped gable house from the 17th century in the center of Ghent: “The price? 3 million euros” (+)