December 8, 2022

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Seaweed: the food of the future.  .  It is full of nutrients and taste.

Seaweed: the food of the future. . It is full of nutrients and taste.

seaweed man

Twin Wilk is a seaweed man. He once became fascinated with this sustainable and healthy vegetable from the sea during his surfing trip in Indonesia. “In 2013 I graduated with “Global Seaweed Educator” Stephen Crane in Ireland. There I learned all about the food of the future,” he says in mangyari!.

Once back in Holland, I wanted to make seaweed the food of the day. “Toine switched to a seaweed burger. A year later, this was voted the best scientific / social idea in the Netherlands. Three years later, his products were available in a number of large supermarket chains and wholesalers.

With his latest innovation, De Zeewierbox, he wants to show everyone how delicious and easy it is to cook with seaweed at home. His ambition: to conquer the world with seaweed.

Rich in nutrients

Toine: “It’s a very beautiful natural product. It’s rich in nutrients and tastes. Tastes great. Fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins and omega-3s; it’s all in this vegetable. And that’s what seaweed is made of. Five minerals, along with omega-3s, ensure the growth of our brains.”

It is the perfect addition to our current diet. This is why it’s actually so weird that we eat it so little. While Asia is ubiquitous in the supermarket, we rarely eat seaweed in the West, not even in Holland. “It’s not on the sushi and wakame salad that lights up.”

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