May 21, 2022

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Secret Defense Data Confirms First Interstellar Visitor

Secret Defense Data Confirms First Interstellar Visitor

The US Space Force has just confirmed that a meteorite that crashed into the atmosphere in 2014 was actually the first visitor to another star to be positively identified.

In 2014, a small meteorite about 45 cm in diameter burned up in Earth’s atmosphere, unbeknownst to most of the people below. An event that was neither hot nor cold for most of us. But on the niche side, this thing turned out to be very interesting for many reasons. He eventually set out to be the first interstellar traveler discovered in our solar system.

This was confirmed at least by the report of the US Space Force (USSC), which recently released this information. The object in question was first spotted on January 8, 2014 and quickly caught the attention of observers due to its incredibly impressive speed.

In fact, CNEOS 2014-01-08 – that’s what it’s called – slithered through our backyard space at over 210,000 km/h. That’s a pretty impressive speed, well above the average meteors we usually see passing near us.

By comparison, most of us we’ve seen have been traveling at speeds of tens of thousands of km/h, with a few exceptions over 100,000 km/h. kafir BorisovFor example, one of the fastest programs ever identified was shown 175,000 km / h.

If this speed is so remarkable, it is mainly because it far exceeds the average speed of the inhabitants of our solar system. In addition, his own method aroused the interest of researchers. Putting these two elements together, researchers from Amir Siraj’s team concluded that CNEOS 2014-01-08 may have originated in a very distant region, beyond the boundaries of the solar system.

Secret Defense Data

But despite the strength of their work, the researchers were unable to validate it through the usual academic process. They have no right to peer review or publication. To reach these conclusions, they had to rely on some sensitive data; Apparently the US government classified it as a defense secret.

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So the matter was referred to the US Space Force, the agency that manages the entire military and covert defense aspect of US space operations. She finally confirmed that the 2019 procedures “Accurate enough to confirm the interstellar pathCNEOS Review 2014-08-01. There is no doubt that this object actually came from outside the solar system.

This retroactive claim also has the effect of insulting ‘Oumuamua; This famous rod-shaped meteorite, seen in 2017, was the first interstellar object observed in the Solar System so far.

Two goals remain a priority for Sarraj and his teammates. As a first step, they still hope to persuade the administration to publish their original research paper, written in 2019. For example, he hopes his colleagues will watch the CNEOS study on 08/01/2014.

Fragments in the Pacific Ocean?

By doing so, Siraj and his team hope that the scientific community will then be able to trace the possible remains of the object. In fact, it disintegrated over the Pacific Ocean. So the researchers think some of the fragments may have survived the impact.

If necessary, they rest wisely at the bottom of the water; All that remains is to go on an expedition to find them. A track that promises to be exceptional, but the game is totally worth it according to Siraj; After all, not every day you have the opportunity to get your hands on things from very far away.

Just being able to find the first piece of interstellar matter is exciting enough to explore them all in great detail.”Siraj said in an interview with vice

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The text of the study is available at: this is the address