December 8, 2022

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Postzegels worden duurder - volle brievenbus wordt geleegd

send a message? Stamp more than 1 euro for the first time

For the first time, the price of a letter postage stamp exceeds the nominal amount of 1 euro. As of January 2024, the stamps will cost €1.01. That is now, in October 2022, 0.96 cents.

room for price increase

Not only the price of stamps is rising. Sending a parcel will also cost you more. It’s essential, according to PostNL, that prices go up a bit soon. “This new rate, along with other price changes, is in line with the scope that the government provides annually to PostNL to adjust rates. The new rate is inevitable, in part because of the lower volume of prices,” said Bob Van Ireland, Postal Director of PostNL. Mail”.


Inflation also plays a role in higher prices, according to PostNL. “It is therefore necessary to achieve a moderate increase in rates,” Van Ireland says. However, the price of a December stamp will still cost 0.91 cents this year, just as it will in 2021. Special December stamps are 0.05 cents cheaper than regular stamps.

new prices

Are you planning to send a letter or parcel? Then you’ll pay a different price for it in the new year. The base price for messages to other countries ranges from 1.55€ to 1.65€. Sending a package within your country will cost 6.95 € prepaid online. This is now 6.75 euros. Postage at PostNL points will cost 7.65 euros, instead of 7.25 euros.

(Source: PostNL, ANP. Photo: ANP Photo)