May 29, 2023

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Senior British Adviser: 'Do not be mistaken about the situation in South Africa, a large part of the population has become immune there due to infection' |  Corona virus what you need to know

Senior British Adviser: ‘Do not be mistaken about the situation in South Africa, a large part of the population has become immune there due to infection’ | Corona virus what you need to know

Don’t miss the situation in South Africa, where the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to omicron appears to be not too bad. Chris Whitty, the UK government’s chief health adviser, gave that message during a press conference. A large part of the population there has become immune because they have already become infected. This is a difference with our country.”

After all, the more time passes, the less effective the vaccines will be. This certainly applies to the omikron variant, which is better able to overpower our immune system.

A record number of new cases of corona were recorded in one day in the United Kingdom during the past 24 hours. Whitty noted that the number of hospitalizations in certain places is also on the rise. “Especially in the London area,” it seems. The doubling time for the number of new roundabout accidents is less than two days in some areas.

To avoid as dire consequences as possible, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that from today every adult can receive a booster dose via the online reservation system of the NHS. More than half a million reservations have already been registered.

Three-quarters of them are in their fifties

Johnson also noted that more than 650,000 booster doses were given yesterday. “More than 45 percent of all adults have already received additional protection in this way.”

Concretely, this concerns three-quarters of those in their fifties. “This is huge,” said Nikki Kenani, director of primary medical care for the NHS.

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Boris Johnson. © Photo News

More than 78000 new infections

78,610 new infections were recorded in the country today, the highest number since the outbreak of the epidemic. The previous record goes back to January, when there were 68,053. Last Wednesday, there were only 51,342 new cases.

4,671 infections with the omicron variant were also recorded, bringing the total to 10,017. Within 24 hours, 774 patients were hospitalized, compared to 874 last Wednesday, and there are also 165 new deaths.

Reduction in vulnerable age groups

Johnson thanked all healthcare staff and volunteers for helping with the promotion campaign. It appears that “the number of hospital admissions is increasing across the country, but we are seeing a decline in vulnerable age groups who have already received a booster dose.” “We actually got twice as many booster shots (per capita; ed.) in Europe and more than twice as many as in the United States.”

As of tomorrow, in the UK, you will no longer have to wait fifteen minutes after a shot. From Monday, children aged 12 to 15 will be able to receive a second dose of the vaccine.