December 8, 2022

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Seraing toils past RWDM to extend stay in 1A |  Promotion / Relegation 1 A / 1 B 2021/2022

Seraing toils past RWDM to extend stay in 1A | Promotion / Relegation 1 A / 1 B 2021/2022

RFC Seraing secured one more season in our top division against RWDM. After 0-1 in the first leg, the home team had enough tonight with a 0-0 draw. In a traditional Brussels club, Igor de Camargo left a heroic role in his last professional match.

Seraing – RWDM in a nutshell:

  • important moment: Round the clock, departing De Camargo presents a great opportunity after great work from Hazard. He can’t control the ball very well, so Deitch can get involved. Brussels residents are nowhere near the opening goal.
  • man of the match: In RWDM it was not Kylian Hazard. The winger was a disaster for the team’s defense, but either he took a serious blow or his teammates didn’t finish well.

  • noticeable: For the first time since 1973, 3 clubs in Brussels could be present again in 1A, but Seraing put an end to that. This is true in two games.

RWDM escapes in red in the hot first half

In the first half with good intentions and many duels, there were chances for both sides. Hazard narrowly missed the best chance and Mikutadze was unable to finish the match on the other side after the visitors stumbled.

He was also very tough on the court at times. Hazard fell twice, and on the other side, Nangis escaped from the red after a clean kick on Mikutadze.

At rest, both teams went with the score of the glasses on the board, and Seraing still had a long stay at nearly 1A.

Camargo leaves her, sad scenes afterwards

After the break the pace was lower and the chances scarce, but around the hour Di Camargo scored the opening goal by foot. After a brilliant solo performance by Hazard, the Brazilian and Belgian faced Deitch head-on, but he let the ball kick in.

Moments later, the 38-year-old striker’s career came to an end. Vincent Liufarard pulled him aside for Obbi Oulare.

The RWDM team has pumped the ball into the tree-tall Oulare countless times, but really great opportunities weren’t forthcoming. Thus he persuaded Syring to stay longer at 1a. After that, the dolls also started to dance after the RWDM division opened and some daredevils encountered some Syring supporters.

Di Camargo: “A missed promotion doesn’t make my career any less beautiful”

After that, Igor de Camargo gave his final analysis of the match he played in: “It’s very unfortunate about the result, we were really hoping for more. This team deserves to be commended. We have come a long way and it is not clear that we are here now.”

For now, De Camargo could have put the RWDM team ahead: “It’s such a shame I can’t score there, that’s all I can say. We won’t get promoted and that’s it.”

“Now it’s over for me. It’s a shame for the result, but it won’t make my career any less beautiful. I’m going to rest for a while and enjoy the holiday.”

  • Vincent Yovar (RWDM Coach)“We played the game we were supposed to play tonight. It was a lot better than last week and I think we dominated. The ball should drop well and maybe it wasn’t easy, but I can only be proud of this group.”

    “The boys have done everything I asked of them. Everyone has given everything. We’re only short on arithmetic and it’s frustrating, but we can leave here with our heads held high.”

  • Jean-Louis Garcia (Siraeng coach): “We are of course very relieved that we were able to save ourselves. I have a feeling he deserved it too. Not only based on those two games, but also in the competition we simply deserved more.”

    “Anyway, we’re happy. The goals have been achieved and that’s crucial. I also want to thank Jordi Condom (Garcia’s predecessor), he also has a role in this. How can we have an easier season next season? We will remain a small club, it will not be It’s just so easy.”

  1. Next at 10.51pm, next, the RWDM fans section opens, followed by a collision with some Seraing fans. sad scenes. †
  2. The end, 10 p.m. 41. It’s over! RWDM continues to exert significant pressure, but to no avail. Seraing will also be active in 1A next season after an exciting game with some very serious violations. Home team fans take to the field to celebrate. †
  3. The second half, the 97th minute, the game is over
  4. Yellow card for RWDM’s Lian Vorogovsky during the second half, 96th minute
  5. The second half, the 95th minute. A dirty operation. Frustrated by Vorogovskiy as Jallow works very brutally against the lawn. Yellow is really a light punishment. †
  6. Offside. The Nzuzi is offside and then the game stops again. Seraing forces a longer stay in 1A and in two games is justified. RWDM wasn’t able to offer enough resistance, either in the first leg or tonight. † Second half, 95th minute.
  7. The second half, the 93rd minute. A cross pass from Vorogovskiy comes to Sankhon who wants to do it in time, but this is not his prerogative. 3 more minutes. †
  8. Second half, 92nd minute. All RWDM balls go to Olari Long, does the ball drop well? & nbsp; †
  9. The second half, the 90th minute. Sankhon sold Mazez a kick and got a yellow card. Syring’s fans have already started to celebrate with caution. The announcer has already informed the fans that they are not allowed to enter the stadium after the whistle. & nbsp; †
  10. Yellow card for RWDM player Ibrahima Sankhon during the second half, 89th minute
  11. The second half, the 85th minute. In Siring, it turned out to be a bit of luck. This way, RWDM will still have a few moments. †
  12. Diet contractions. Oulare can’t steer well after an action from Ephestion, Vorogovskiy wants to take the entire fallen ball and put Dietsch to work. The seconds are ticking away relentlessly. & nbsp; † Second half, 84th minute.
  13. The second half, the 83rd minute. Substitution in RWDM, Thomas Eveston inside, Abubakar Keita outside
  14. The second half, the 82nd minute. Nzozi is equally elusive, his cross is very faint. Eufrard throws Thomas Avistion between the lines. The game maker would normally have a primary seat, but now it should be the super branch of RWDM. & nbsp; †
  15. The second half, the 79th minute. Lardot decided to punish Devorny and Nadrani for this disturbance. It was also possible to solve this without cards, and there was not much to worry about. †
  16. Second half, 78th minute. The dolls begin to dance for a moment after Oulare hits Dyrestam’s head in the face with his heel. In RWDM they accuse the home team of wasting time, but that is not the case here. †
  17. Yellow card for Theo Devorny of the RWDM Championship during the second half, 78th minute
  18. Yellow card for Yahya Al-Nadrani, player of the Royal Saudi Federation during the second half, 78th minute
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