November 27, 2022

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Serbia gets Russian gas at an affordable price |  Abroad

Serbia gets Russian gas at an affordable price | Abroad

Serbia is highly dependent on Russian gas. The Russian-Serbian contract signed in early December 2021 expires on Tuesday. After Belarus, Serbia has the cheapest gas contract in Europe.

Vucic was quoted by Serbian media as saying that the price in the new contract was also “very favorable”. In a few days, a new contract will be signed with Russia’s Gazprom.

Vucic is Putin’s main ally in the Western Balkans. However, he is torn between his loyalty to Russia and to the West. Serbia is negotiating accession to the European Union, but refuses to join European sanctions against Russia. Serbia only voted in favor of a UN resolution condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine. But there was no mention of penalties. In recent weeks, pressure has increased from the United States and the European Union to change Serbian policy toward Russia.

Faced with pressure from the West, Vucic said it was “not easy to say how long Serbia will be able to follow an independent sovereign path”. In his conversation with Putin, he also expressed the Serbs’ desire to end the war in Ukraine as soon as possible.

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