June 8, 2023

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She Couldn’t Stop Playing Rachel from ‘Friends,’ Exclusive Chat with ‘Murder Mystery’ Couple Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston | Showbiz

bit widthShe loves Belgium, and more specifically our design and architecture. This says international superstar Jennifer Aniston — forever the Rachel from “Friends” — in an exclusive video call with her HLN bit width, Along with co-star Adam Sandler. The reason is the sequel to Netflix’s hit Murder Mystery, another movie peppered with plenty of humor and great action scenes. As with the duo in the movie, they now try to pronounce journalist Garni Rieders’ name throughout the interview. From “Djarnie” to “Jurger,” he really does go in all directions.

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Jennifer and Adam are overjoyed when the video call begins. There is no question of Hollywood’s position. As with the duo in the movie, they now try to correctly pronounce my first name Jarni through the entire interview out of appreciation. From “Djarnie” to “Jurger,” it really does go in all directions, except the right one.

We move on to the real topic of our conversation: “Murder Mystery 2”. “After our characters solve their first murder case in Italy, police officer Nick and hairdresser Audrey start their own detective agency. Our first filming location was Hawaii, where the duo was invited to a big wedding,” reveals Jennifer. But when they see the groom disappear into the darkness, the couple must work immediately to bring him back to the surface.

murder mystery © HLN

Challenging stunts

It turns out that the kidnapped person was a hostage in Paris. It is not for nothing that, according to Aniston, this choice was made easily: “Paris remains the most beautiful city in the world for me.” Adam replied, “Don’t exaggerate, it could be in the top ten.” From a challenging chase scene along the Seine to Jennifer hanging from the Eiffel Tower: the biggest challenge of this production was the challenging stunts. “I often argued with the stuntman, because I wanted to do as much as possible myself. But unfortunately I didn’t always get permission. 95% of the movie was actually shot in Paris. With all the modern technology today, many people doubt that.”

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Jennifer is best known around the world for her role as Rachel on Friends, but when we asked if she brought that experience to creating a new comic character, she resented: “I see Rachel far away in the rearview mirror of my career, but she’ll always be there for a little bit. Although that is certainly not always my intention.” Sandler jokes about it: “On set she couldn’t stop playing Rachel, we had to explicitly ask her to let it go.” She quickly silences him by saying, “Don’t you dare.”

Not in the cinema

Murder Mystery 2 will be available online only. “It’s a pity, because I really like going to the movies. I like sharing emotions with a hundred other people in the room. And popcorn, I like that too, ”the actress laughs.

There are no plans for a third part yet, but Our Country is definitely on the long list of potential movie locations, says Jennifer Aniston. “I really love Belgium, and more specifically the design and architecture.”

‘Murder Mystery 2’ will be released worldwide on Friday, March 31st on the Netflix streaming service.

Showbits is hosted by Garni Reader and actress Jennifer Aniston
Showbits is hosted by Garni Reader and actress Jennifer Aniston © Netflix Global