September 26, 2022

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Shopping at Kim Kardashian?  More and more stars are making little money selling their old clothes |  fashion beauty

Shopping at Kim Kardashian? More and more stars are making little money selling their old clothes | fashion beauty

Famous stars like Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, and Olivia Rodrigo have a wardrobe that many people would envy. Some fans may pay a lot of money to smell it. Well, thanks to the World Wide Web, this is possible. More and more celebrities are selling their vintage clothes online. And if you’re lucky, it’s affordable.

Second hand clothing has been on the rise for several years now. Makes sense, because it’s environmentally friendly and good for your wallet. Remarkably, more and more stars like to surf this trend. Kardashian was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon: at the end of 2019 they launched an online store “Kardashian Closet”, where they sell accessories and ready-to-wear.

On the site, you can first choose which wardrobe to browse: Kylie, Kendall or Kris Jenner, or rather Kim, Khloé or Kourtney? Their collections are all very wide, from shoes to swimwear and jackets to dresses and handbags to corsets. However, it is almost all about things from luxury designer brands, which cost a lot of money. The cheapest we find is a sports bra for 25 euros, but for dresses you can easily pay several hundred or even thousands of euros. Kylie Jenner even sells a Hermès handbag for 65 thousand euros.

© Kardashian Closet

Since the Kardashians are still asking for a lot of money for ‘untouchables’, they also receive a lot of criticism. “Let’s face it,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “It’s not that they are short on cash or that they need extra cash. So I find it surprising that they are selling their clothes at such high new prices.”

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And there are actually a lot of celebrities who do it differently, like musicians Olivia Rodrigo And the doja cat and actresses Bella Thorne And the Ashley Tisdale. They sell their stuff at cheaper rates. For this they use Depop, an online marketplace where you can buy and sell clothes. The app is very popular in the United States.

By the way, the strong name who recently created an account on Depop Harry Lambert. He is the designer of a number of well-known names, including Harry Styles and actress Emma Corinne. He put together an online collection of thirty items that were worn by his famous clients. For example, one of the tops was a blue Alexander Skarsgård designer shirt, which the actor effectively wore at a fashion shoot. Price: about 105 euros. Almost all of Lambert’s merchandise has been sold out. All proceeds will go to the British Mermaids organization, which is committed to transgender, non-binary and transgender rights.

“Celebrities are not blind. As a consumer, you also feel that celebrities are ‘just normal people’,” says Gott. Same sites and they do exactly the same thing like: reselling used clothes.”

And in Belgium?

In our area, Vinted remains one of the most popular apps for buying and reselling used clothing. So it’s the perfect place to grab a vintage BV piece of clothing. Presenter Julie van den Steen occasionally peeks into her wardrobe, just as presenter Cesca Shooters, actress and entrepreneur Elaine de Monk, fashion blogger Pauline Reims and Tik-Tok Phenomenon Olva.

Vintedjulievandensteen / Instagram @elinedemunck

© Vintedjulievandensteen / Instagram @elinedemunck

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