September 26, 2022

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Shortly before her death, the Queen's tattoo of Johan was completed: "I look at him now with different eyes" (Saint Niklas)

Shortly before her death, the Queen’s tattoo of Johan was completed: “I look at him now with different eyes” (Saint Niklas)

The death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is causing uproar and outrage across the world, including 41-year-old Fleming-Johann Smit. Because of Corona’s measures, the Queen’s entire tattoo could have been completed just two weeks ago. “When I look at it now, I feel extra special.”

Since his childhood, Johan of Saint Niklas has been a fan of the British royal family, especially the Queen. “Since I was 11, I began to be fascinated by the Queen,” he says. This was the period when most of the writing was about Charles and Diana. My grandparents bought my booksAnd, of course, I can go on with everything.” Johan remained fascinated with British royalty as a teenager and later as an adult. “Formal portraits, clothes, ceremonial… I find them all incredibly cool.”

The tattoo is finally finished

Magic also immortalized on his body. Four parts about the Queen tattooed in black ink on his forearm. With some delay, the last piece, Queen Elizabeth’s head, was completed two weeks ago. On time, so to speak. “I’ve been wanting to have this tattoo for a long time, but Covid has delayed the whole plan. Now that the Queen has passed away, I think it’s an added bonus that my tattoo is just gone. Now I’m looking at it with different eyes.”

Because the Queen’s death also came as a surprise to Johan. “I watched the news and got goosebumps. It is very double. On the one hand, she was already an older lady and her health was deteriorating, and on the other she seemed immortal to me. Two days ago she was still in the picture with the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

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In addition to the four-part tattoo, Johan also has something special from the Queen in his possession. I have a letter I wrote to the widow of the late Prime Minister Harold Wilson.” Bought the unique copy at auction. Just like a letter from King Charles, then the Prince of Wales, and the late Prince Philip. “I have to admit: these are always very expensive Chips. The value has increased now, but I actually don’t plan to sell the letters at all.”

Does he regret not having met them in person? “Not right. Somehow I also knew that something like that was almost impossible,” says Johann. “Maybe it would be better this way, now there will always be a mystical side to it. A kind of fog curtain. That’s what makes it so cool.”

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