July 20, 2024

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Significantly many complaints about Telenet: What exactly is going on?  We searched for it |  Technique

Significantly many complaints about Telenet: What exactly is going on? We searched for it | Technique

There are currently a surprising number of complaints about Telenet trading on social media. Customers have had difficulty accessing the telecom operator since the beginning of this year, sometimes even without TV or internet. “I’ve been trying to get in for three hours, but I can’t get anyone on the line,” he tweeted, among other things. what is going on? we asked spokeswoman Isabelle Geerts.

Telenet is currently having a hard time on social media. On Twitter and Facebook you will find dozens of complaints about extra long customer service queues. Some people spend days trying to reach customer service, but can’t get through. As a result, in a worst-case scenario, people would be without internet or phone for several weeks. “I’ve been without TV for a month,” one customer testifies to our editors anonymously. “I’ve called back 4 times already. When I get someone on the phone, they tell me there will be a solution. But in the end nothing happens.”

What is happening in Telenet?

“It all has to do with the introduction of the IT system,” says spokeswoman Isabelle Gerets. “Since the beginning of this year we have been switching to a completely new system. We have to move 2 million customers to do this, but it is not going smoothly. Technical problems still appear regularly, and they have an impact on all our systems. As a result, it takes, for example, much longer Much more than usual to answer a customer’s question. You also have to take into account that our staff still has to deal with the new system. It takes time.”

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Although the new IT system is not the only problem facing Telenet: “Our company suffers greatly from the lack of labor in the market. We find it very difficult to find people who are willing to work in our call centers or stores. As a result, the entire renovation process was delayed even further. We are now also trying to deploy more students, but of course it doesn’t happen overnight.”

What should customers do?

“First of all, we ask our customers to be patient for a few more weeks. We really understand that it is not good for someone to be without a TV for a month, but now we see light in the tunnel.” Telenet cannot say exactly how long the problems will last.

Have you also had problems with Telenet for weeks, and do you want to testify on VTM News? Then tell us via 4040.

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