June 3, 2023

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Signs over the Flemish motorways are out of service: fixed speed limits apply everywhere, rush hour lanes are open

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The signal lane over motorways in Flanders is out of service on Tuesday due to a technical problem. This was reported by the Flemish Traffic Centre.

GVsource: BELGA

Due to a technical problem in the Antwerp area, the correct information was not displayed on the lane signal in certain places. “We can no longer control it,” said Peter Bruyninks, a spokesman for the Flemish Traffic Centre. Since the correct information according to the real situation was not visible on the road due to the avalanche, this center decided to turn off the lane signals over all Flemish highways.

The Flemish Traffic Center cannot say how long the disruption will last. “Our IT services are working on that,” says Bruyninckx. Dynamic text signs on top of highways are working, and indicate that lane signals are out of service.

Bruyninckx indicates that traffic can continue as normal, subject to the maximum speed permitted by the Highway Code. Thus, rush hour lanes, which are usually indicated by lane signals, are also open.

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