December 7, 2023

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Since World War II, no Dutch government has resigned as long as Rota III |  Abroad

Since World War II, no Dutch government has resigned as long as Rota III | Abroad

The record was kept by the Joop den Uyl government, which fell in 1977 after four difficult years due to a dispute over land policy. This government team was succeeded 272 days later by the first Van Agt government. However, the longest government formation in the Netherlands is not for the account of that government group, but for the third Rota government itself. When it officially started in 2017, it was 225 days after the election.

It looks like the standard government formation will also be broken this year, the Montesquieu Institute notes. If the negotiating parties do not reach an agreement by Wednesday, October 27, this government formation will take longer than the formation of 2017.

The right-wing Liberal Party VVD, the left-liberal D66, the Christian Democratic Party and the Christian Social Union are currently negotiating a new government. This is the same group of parties that joined the coalition last time. Although there has been talk for a long time, substantive talks only began last week. Until there is a new government, it is expected that Rutte’s current team will not take any new policy and deal only with current affairs. This leads to all kinds of social and political discomfort because there are still many problems that need to be resolved.

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