July 12, 2024

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Singer Glenys Grace and his 15-year-old son were arrested after a fight in an Amsterdam supermarket |  showbiz

Singer Glenys Grace and his 15-year-old son were arrested after a fight in an Amsterdam supermarket | showbiz

showbizDutch Glennis Grace, known to us for her participation on America’s Got Talent and as the singer of the “Ladies Of Soul” tour with Natalia, was arrested Saturday night with her 15-year-old son after a fight in a supermarket in the center of Amsterdam. Grace’s lawyer confirmed this to various Dutch media.

Police said three people have been arrested on charges of vandalism, threatening and mistreatment of supermarket employees. Glenys Grace’s lawyer confirms that the matter concerns the 43-year-old singer, her 15-year-old son and a family friend. Ibn Grace came to the supermarket in the early evening smoking and is said to have been violently kicked out of the store. Later in the evening, the singer returned with a group of her acquaintances to address the concerned staff. A fight ensued.

Lawyer Karim Kanatan, who is helping the singer, says Glenys Grace’s son came home injured Saturday night. He had injuries to his face and hands. His hands were getting fatter.” According to the son, “store staff were pushed and attacked without warning” after he pulled out his electronic cigarette. “He fell with his head on a cabinet or scaffold. He was allegedly assaulted by several employees. Then my client (Glennis Grace, editor) went to the supermarket to talk to the staff. She wanted to know: Why would you assault a 15-year-old boy? ”

‘laugh at’

According to her lawyer, Grace felt she was being “laughed at”. She allegedly paid an employee. She is not aware of the suspicion that she would have hit or hit one or more employees. ” Simultaneously with or in the aftermath of this heated conversation, it is said that an even greater fight took place, in which her son’s friends took part. “She herself did not take part in this fight. She tried to get the people she knew, her son’s friends, out of there.” Police interrogations are now over. Grace and her son are still under arrest: “The investigation is still ongoing.”

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