December 2, 2022

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Sister Valerie Courtois: “Tebaut sent you what was going on in the stadium at 9.05 pm” |  Champions League

Sister Valerie Courtois: “Tebaut sent you what was going on in the stadium at 9.05 pm” | Champions League

“He was really keen on that. It was Thibaut’s goal in this Champions League after the last loss in the final (with Atletico Madrid). He was 100 per cent focused on making it happen.”

Sister Valerie Courtois thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s Champions League final in which her brother played the main role.

Thibaut Courtois It was a wall and an icy hare in the goal. Liverpool could not beat the Red Devil.

No. 1 at Real Madrid radiated calm and serenity, which was also confirmed by his coach Carlo Ancelotti. And that despite all the uproar caused by the postponement of the match after the problems with the Liverpool fans at the gates of the stadium.

“I did not see any tension in my players despite the postponement of the match. I was more nervous,” Ancelotti said after the period before the start of the whistle.

Although the players were very concerned about what was happening in and around the Stade de France. The match was usually supposed to start at 9pm, but kick-off was pushed back to 9:36pm.

Valerie Courtois: “Our group with my parents and I was already in the stadium around 6-6:30 in the evening, so we didn’t notice anything that was going on outside.”

“We saw that the Liverpool stands were still completely empty and also Michel (Courtois’ partner), her parents, Marta (Courtois’s former partner) and the children weren’t there yet.”

“If I saw the pictures after that, I was shocked…”

And the Real Madrid goalkeeper did not trust the chaos either. “Tebaut also didn’t know what was going on. He texted you at about 21:05 what it was like and if Michel was really on the field.”

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“So he sent to ask what was going on. It could have caused a drop in concentration, but it had no effect.”

Certainly not with Courtois, who almost single-handedly handed Real Madrid the Champions League.