October 3, 2023

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Six Days of Ghent: Audience Celebrations on Iljo Keisse's Animal Show in Derny Series |  Ghent six days lotto

Six Days of Ghent: Audience Celebrations on Iljo Keisse’s Animal Show in Derny Series | Ghent six days lotto

Six days of Ghent began on Tuesday evening. What happened on opening night? Read it here.

Stand six days from Ghent
1. van den Bosch/Havik (Bill/Ned) 53
2. De Vylder / Ghys (Bel) 52
3. Heisters / Teutenberg (Bell / Germany) 32
4. Casey / De Buest (Belgium) 19
5. Cluj / Reinhardt (Germany) 9
6. Hoppezak / Heijnen (Ned) 30 +1
7. Fan Ship / Dennis (Ned / Bill) 22 +1
8. Hayter / Wright (UK) 15th +1

  1. 23 hours 45. Remonte van Keisse. Just before midnight, Iljo Keisse introduces the scene in his derny series. He plays emperor with the audience and jumps over the white line with his front wheel. Ghent fans feast on such a show. & nbsp; .
  2. 23 hours 43.
  3. 22h40. First Madison. With some delay, the first team’s race came to an end. Jasper De Buyst and Iljo Keisse spiced up Ghent with a couple of attacks in the final stage, but the opposition didn’t budge. A final attack was also held off by Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder, who won the final sprint. & nbsp; 5 duets left in the same round, and Hayter and Wright got a lap. & nbsp; .
  4. 22 hours 18.
  5. At 22 03. Stijn Steels was taken from Kuipke in tears. He’s already been in sackcloth and ashes after not renewing his contract, and now he’s seeing things go wrong for the six days. .
  6. 21h58. Another violent incident. Madison’s first stop at Ghent Six Days after a major crash. Things go wrong with Jules Hesters and Tim Teutenberg relieved. The duo pull each other down. Stijn Steels can no longer avoid it and also falls hard. He was carried on a stretcher. Has his six days already ended? .
  7. 21:50. De Wilder and Geese win the circuit roll. Robbe Ghys barely had to bow his head in the team qualifiers, but he gained weight in the track round. It’s faster than Tuur Dens. .
  8. 21h43.
  9. 21 hours 24. The arrangement is after 3 parts. 1. Van den Bossche – Havik 34 2. De Vylder – Ghys 18 3. Hoppezak – Heijnen 18 4. Hesters – Torn Teutenberg 15 5. Hayter – Wright 13 6. Dillier – Steels 10 7. Pollefliet – Vandenbranden 5 8. Van Schip – Okar 5 9. Van Moulders – Malmberg 2.
  10. 21 hours 19. Team Havik van den Bosch wins by elimination. Joweri Havick and Fabio van den Bosch were the last to remain in the team’s elimination. Havik settled Robbe Ghys into a millimeter surge. It was a disappointment for Eligo Case and Jasper de Buest: they dropped out as the second pair. .
  11. At 21:14 .. the first crash. It didn’t take long for the first rider to hit the ground. Ethan Hayter tries to slip through an impossible hole and crashes into European Champion Roger Kluge in the team qualifier. They both get off. .
  12. 21:08 Keisse did not score in the first points race. The six hundred days started with a points race. Iljo Keisse could not collect any points in that. Holland’s Vincent Hobezac went on to completely plunder. In the second points race, Keisse’s teammate Jasper De Buyst managed to catch something. There the victory went to the Dutchman Yoweri Havick. .
  13. 8:32 p.m. No, Bradley Wiggins. Sir Bradley Wiggins usually appears at Kuipke, the place very close to his heart. But the Briton had “other commitments” at the last moment. Étienne de Wilde, a multiple-time Ghent winner, took home the honours. & nbsp; .
  14. 8:32 p.m. This is how Iljo Keisse looks forward to the first of his last six days.

    This is how Iljo Keisse looks forward to the first of his last six days

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