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Six days of Ghent: De Wilder’s track record and the Germans win at Madison |  Ghent six days lotto

Six days of Ghent: De Wilder’s track record and the Germans win at Madison | Ghent six days lotto

On the second of the Six Days of Ghent, it gradually became clear who had the strong drive at ‘t Kuipke. De Vylder and Ghys collect points galore, and Keisse and De Buyst have to take a more tactical approach. Read the state of affairs here.

Stand six days from Ghent
1. De Vylder / Ghys (Bel) 116
2. van den Bosch/Havik (Bill/Ned) 107
3. Casey / De Buest (Belgium) 53 +1
4. Cluj / Reinhardt (Germany) 30 +1
5. Heisters / Teutenberg (Bell / Germany) 80 +2
6. Hoppezak / Heijnen (Ned) 82 +3
7. Hayter / Wright (UK) 51 +3
8. Fan Ship / Dennis (Ned / Bill) 60 +5

  1. 23h24. The athletes Griet Hoet and Anneleen Monsieur wave on the Ghent velodrome.

    Athletes J Gerrit Huet and Aniline Monsieur take to the Ghent velodrome

  2. 23 hours 23. Robbe Ghys: “Ready for the step-up in Alpecin-Deceuninck.”

    Robbe Ghys: “Ready to step up in Alpecin-Deceuninck”

  3. 11 p.m. 11. Robbie Jess and Lindsay DeVelder impress. At the moment, they are in the lead. In fast songs they steal the show. “I saw it coming,” says Ghys of his speed buddy, who holds the record in Ghent after tonight. “I never dreamed of a track record, but Lindsey is impressively fast.” “I have to keep him quiet from time to time. Sometimes I put him in his room and then put him out again. I tweak him a little bit, but he does an excellent job.” .
  4. 23 hours 21. Lindsay De Vylder: “Robbe Ghys gives me a lot of peace and I need that.”

    Lindsay De Vylder: “Robbe Ghys gives me a lot of peace and I need that”

  5. 23 hours 20. What is your track record? kick! did not expect that. I rode here myself with Moreno Di Pauw. It’s an honor to beat his record. . Lindsey De Wildere.
  6. 22h 27. Cluj with a final sprint over Keseh in the team’s first race. The team’s first race of the evening is on the books. In the animated film Madison, the couples thoroughly explore each other. Jasper de Buest launched Iljo Keisse towards the final sprint, but Roger Kluge just went with his big bike. The Germans – European champions in this segment – are fine. & nbsp; .
  7. 21 hours 39. De Vylder set a record. Standout man Lindsay De Vylder created a great moment at ‘t Kuipje. He broke Moreno Di Pauw’s 5-year-old record from the tables. De Vylder set the time 8’ 406, good for an average of 71.092 km/h.
  8. 21 hours 38. Ewoud Vromant: “Paracycling put more on the map with the world hour record.”

    Ewoud Vromant: “Paracycling is putting more on the map with the world hour record”

  9. 21h01. Penalty kick puts De Vylder / Ghys ahead. Havik and Van den Bossche lost their leading position at Ghent Six Days. In the team elimination, Van den Bossche and De Vylder were allowed to run for the victory. Van den Bossche seemed to be on his way to victory, but after being overtaken by the suave De Vylder’s Raimonte. Keisse and De Buyst had to settle for sixth place. .
  10. 8:58 p.m. De Wilder wins the second points race. More tension in the second points race of the evening. Lindsay De Wildere just held off Sylvain Dellaire. Thanks to this victory, De Vylder and Ghys are now two points clear of the leading pair of Van den Bossche / Havik in the standings. .
  11. At 8:40pm they meet Stan and Tor Denz, brothers on the slopes at ‘t Kuipke.

    Meet Stan and Tor Denz, the two brothers on the slopes at ‘t Kuipke

  12. 8:37 p.m. Hesters wins the first points race. The first points race of the evening was Joule Hesters’ Mill. The home rider from Gent has a huge lead over the Dutchman Heijnen and Iljo Keisse. & nbsp; .
  13. 2022-11-16.
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