November 27, 2022

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Six Days of Ghent: Keisse and De Buyst stay on track with Madison winning Day 3, a De Vylder | Ghent six days lotto

After tonight we’re halfway through six days of Ghent. We have 5 big points, not including Eligo Kessie and Jasper de Buest. Catch up on the key facts for the third evening here.

Stand six days from Ghent
1. De Vylder / Ghys (Bel) 176
2. van den Bosch/Havik (Bill/Ned) 157
3. Heisters / Teutenberg (Bell / Germany) 121 +1
4. Casey / De Buest (Belgium) 88 +1
5. Hoppezak / Heijnen (Ned) 122 +4
6. Hayter / Wright (UK) 92 +4
7. Cluj / Reinhardt (Germany) 47 +5
8. Fan Ship / Dennis (Ned / Bill) 120 +7

  1. 00:28 Heijnen and Havik provide the atmosphere: scratch driving in the bare trunk.

    Heijnen and Havik provide the atmosphere: scratch driving in the bare trunk

  2. 00:15 Ethan Hayter: “Fred and I are good friends, having been on the road together for years.”

    Ethan Hayter: “Fred and I are such good friends, we’ve been on the road together for years”

  3. 11-18-2022.
  4. 23 hours 48. Keisse wins the derny race. Roger Kluge was best in the first derny, ahead of Van den Bossche. Kuipke Iljo pushed Keisse to victory in his second derny race, just ahead of De Vylder. De Vylder/Ghys leads with 176 points, ahead of Van den Bossche/Havik with 157 points. Hesters/Teutenberg are third with 121 points from one round, just like Keisse/De Buyst with 88. 12 more points and the Belgians take an extra round. .
  5. 23 hours 47. Van den Bossche: “Everything is going well, everything is going well.”

    Van den Bossche: “Everything is going well, everything is going smoothly”

  6. 11:46 PM It’s great to be here. It’s so fun here: the noise, the crowd! Fred Wright.
  7. At 23:44 Fred Wright to our guy: “I can’t hear you, but that’s a good sign.”

    Fred Wright to Our Man: “I Can’t Hear You, But That’s a Good Sign”

  8. 22:30 De Keteli after years of farewell: “He wasn’t at the end of Latin yet, but he got a chance as a coach.”

    De Kittel after years of farewell: “He wasn’t at the end of Latin yet, but he got a chance as a coach”

  9. 22 hours 02. Keisse and De Buyst win first team race. In Madison’s 45-minute thriller, Iljo Keisse and Jasper De Buest were recognized for their efforts. Keisse and De Buyst must go to work, as they are not leading on points at the moment. The two rode consistently in attack and were able to reward that in a sprint with all three of them, De Buyst making saves to Ghys and Van den Bossche. The Hesters/Teutenberg duo managed to limit the damage somewhat, to 1 lap, but all the other duos were involved for at least 3 laps. De Vylder and Ghys still lead comfortably with 172 points, followed by Van den Bossche and Havik in the same round with 153 points. Hesters/Teutenberg (114 points) are third in one round. Casey and De Buest are fourth on 83 points, one round off the lead. The rest follows 4 or more rounds. .
  10. 21h41. De Wilder broke the record again. For the second evening in a row, Lindsay De Vylder set a record: he was launched perfectly by Robbe Ghys and finished at 8″ 332 for 166 metres. Good for 71.723 km/h. Yesterday he reached 8″ 406. Soon the first team race of the evening will arrive. Competition should hit the leaders hard if they don’t want to give them too much freedom. .
  11. 21.20 De Vylder/Ghys win by team elimination. There was no harvest in the points races, but Robbe Ghys and Lindsay De Vylder confirmed their leadership position in the team elimination. The Numbers 1 beat the Number 2 Fabio Van den Bossche / Yoeri Havik. Ethan Hayter and Fred Wright finished third. Ghys/De Vylder does a good job on the platform. .
  12. 9 p.m. 10. Dealer wins the points with race two. Sylvain Deller is also in the second points race, as he is missing his unfortunate teammate Stijn Steels. But Dillier wasn’t tired yet. He was the first to run in the six-day points race. Fred Wright later imitated him and came in second. Lindsay De Vylder took two more points for sixth. .
  13. 20:49. Van Ship wins the first match of the day. The third day begins with the points race. The guild is divided into two parts. Jan-Willem van Schip is best in the points race I, ahead of Philip Heynen and Jules Hesters. The latter thus rounds the head 100 points and thus gets an extra round in the ranking. Ghys took no points for the leading pair of Ghys / De Vylder, Yoeri Havik took 3 points and thus consolidated second place with teammate Fabio van den Bosch. Hesters and Tim Teutenberg ended up in third place with 100 points, and Hoppezak and Heynen fell to fourth.
  14. 11-17-2022.
  15. 5 m 12.
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