October 3, 2023

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Six Junior Consultants started at SeederDeBoer

Six Junior Consultants started at SeederDeBoer

SeederDeBoer has expanded the team with six new junior advisors: Martin Clemens, Fina Juncker, Anouk Harmeker, Louis Kraikamp, ​​Jost van Vogt and Lotte Wilmink. Introduction tour along the six.

Martin Clemence I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology last March with a Master’s degree in Innovation Science. In this study, he focused on the policy and strategy of innovation, digitalization and artificial intelligence. He wrote his master’s thesis on combining technical standardization with artificial intelligence use cases in that process.

“There is a lot of potential in using AI for predictions, experience improvement, and automation.”

Prior to earning his master’s degree, he completed a bachelor’s degree in environmental sciences, which focused on sustainability. While graduating he worked for a health insurance company, where he learned the value and sensitivity of personal data. “It is important to be socially responsible for our digital transformations, and to use technology wisely and intelligently,” Martin says.

He was soon selected to train SeederDeBoer, he continues, “I was looking for an internship where development opportunities and the formation of a personal network would be pivotal. I found this in SeederDeBoer’s consulting training.”

Fina Juncker He completed a master’s degree in Health Economics, Politics and Law from Erasmus University. Because of her interest in economic topics in the healthcare sector, she subsequently completed a major in Health Economics.

During this training, I learned a lot about the business side of healthcare in the Netherlands, but also about healthcare systems around the world. Based on her broad interests and diverse experiences as well as her studies, she has chosen to pursue her career in consulting.

This choice was partly a result of her experience as a student advisor during her master’s degree. As a consulting student, I participated in a project in which I researched the identification of irreversible risks within the maritime sector. “I’ve learned to add value within a sector you don’t know much about by taking a critical look at it and reading it.”

Several committees were chaired by other useful expertise. Fenna is curious and loves to learn from others. “I am very interested in people’s behavior and where certain beliefs come from.” This partially led to the selection of SeederDeBoer. “Consulting training gives me the opportunity to learn more in practice and work in different sectors with different types of people, along with education and training.”

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Anouk Harmaker He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a Master’s degree in Health Sciences from the Free University of Amsterdam. These studies have enabled her to approach current public health issues from different perspectives/approaches, in order to be able to creatively improve the health of the (international) community. The human side likes it very much.

During her time at the university, her interest in the health and social care sector grew strongly. During her undergraduate tenure, she was able to undertake various projects for clients such as Salvation Army, VUmc, GGD Amsterdam and housing company De Alliantie. In short, I was able to get a behind-the-scenes look at both the public and private healthcare sector.

Although this interest developed further while earning her master’s degree, she also loves to broaden her horizons as a start in the job market. “My parents always say ‘As long as you do what makes you happy, everything will be fine. “I become happy when I can mean something to others.” This inner drive, along with her broad interests, led her to choose SeederDeBoer’s consulting training.

ANOC Consulting Training provides the opportunity to develop itself on a personal and professional level and gain experience in various consulting and logistics groups. “I am really looking forward to this new adventure and look forward to continuing to develop myself during this training.”

Louis Craigamp After my Bachelor’s degree in Facilities Management in Nijmegen I decided to continue studying and pursue Masters organization studies at Tilburg University. So she wanted to delve more into the complex regulatory issues and regulatory changes. Change management was the aspect that attracted her most interest and from her experience it is still often overlooked in transformations within organizations, while this is very important.

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After obtaining her master’s degree, she worked for a year at GGD as a project assistant during the Corona pandemic. “Within GGD, I have been involved in improving business processes and internal communications, where change management has always been central. It has been both beautiful and challenging to contribute to society in this way.”

She is now looking to help other organizations make regulatory changes from SeederDeBoer. Because of her previous work experience, her affinity with the public sector and healthcare has become stronger, so SeederDeBoer is a good fit for her.

“SeederDeBoer appealed to me primarily because of the pleasant, informal atmosphere and space to gain experience in various tasks and sectors. I look forward to continuing to develop myself professionally and personally here.”

Jost van Vogt He pursued a BA in Public Administration and Organizational Sciences at Utrecht, where he was able to pursue his interest in social issues and develop social and professional skills. In this you learn how to analyze social issues and organizations from different perspectives, but also that your way of acting can determine solutions.

By studying for a period in Rome and Paris, after obtaining a master’s degree in International Public Administration and Public Policy in Rotterdam and by undertaking an internship at VNO-NCW, he broadened his focus to an international context. However, through these experiences, the common denominator has remained people’s interest in organizations and understanding and responding to the dynamics that arise among people here.

Thinking about what he wanted to contribute to his work, he ended up at SeederDeBoer. “I realized that my interest in social dynamics and topics like collaboration and leadership could not only be part of my work, but I could also highlight it.”

The search for a combination of a broad interest in society and organizations and the use of sensitive skills eventually transformed management. In this he found a match with SeederDeBoer, because of the people-oriented approach and because there is a lot of room to learn from training and assignments in different organisations, what kind of dynamics exist and what you can contribute to.

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Lotte Wilminc He completed a master’s program in International Politics (MSc) and Middle Eastern Studies (MA) at Leiden University. Prior to her master’s degree, she completed her Bachelor of Arts and Liberal Sciences degree at Utrecht University College, where she focused on political science and international law. During her BA, she also taught for six months at the National University of Singapore, where she focused on Computer Science and International Security.

During her training, she discovered the value of interdisciplinary thinking. “I like to challenge myself to get off the beaten path, and to think about how I can approach problems and challenges in other ways.”

Because of her great interest in social issues and her affinity with social issues, Lotte ended up working in a large government implementation department after her studies. “I think it’s important that the work I do is an integral part of society, and that helping others plays a central role in my work.”

Through her work experience, she has noticed the importance of the proper functioning of organizations and companies. Due to the many rules, processes and protocols, the ultimate goal or ultimate mission of an organization can disappear from view, also for its employees. “By further streamlining processes and insights and critically examining if there is room for improvement, you can allow the task or goal to play a central role again.”

By looking closely at processes, appreciating parts of those processes and knowing ways to improve, Lott hopes to learn during her internship at SeederDeBoer. “The direct mentorship, experience and focus on development has drawn me to SeederDeBoer, and the training has made the training a valuable journey for the next two years.”