February 1, 2023

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Six matches without a win: Klopp beats STVV after Mignolet’s blunder | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 26′ – goal – Wolk Jansen (0-1)
  1. 90′ – Gianni Bruno continued by Eric Jr. Bucat
  2. 89′ – continued Noah Lang – Kamal Sawah
  3. 89′ – continued Kasper Nielsen from Mats Ritz
  4. 81′ – Roman Yaremchuk continues through Ferran Gotgla
  5. 78′ – continued Tajon Buchanan by Antonio Nossa
  6. 77′ – Goal – Gianni Bruno (1-1)
  7. 61′ – continued Oliver Dumont by Rocco Ritz
  8. 57′ – Yellow – Frank Boya
  9. 51′ – Yellow – Bjorn Meagher

Club Brugge continues its desperate search for victory. For the sixth consecutive time, the national champion fell behind in points. Blue-Black also took the lead against STVV with a bit of luck, but once again brushed off that bonus. Due to a huge error by Mignolet, the Club sees the title favorites run out and the chasers close again.

STVV Club Bruges in a nutshell

Key moment: Fifteen minutes from time, Mignolet let a Hashioka cross slip through his hands. Well-observed Bruno mercilessly punishes the Brugge goalkeeper’s mistake.

man of the match Quetta is the driving force in Truiense’s midfield. He also, with his horizons, regularly puts attackers in position.

statistics: Scott Parker is the first Club Brugge coach not to win any of his first three matches at JPL since George Likens in 1989.

Panic from the penalty kick that STVV did not whistle

Thanks to an own goal by Wolke Janssens, Club Brugge took the lead midway through the first half.

Until then, Klopp was the leader with a volley from Mata and a side-netting kick from Lang.

There was great consternation when Odoi pulled Hayashi against the turf in his own penalty area. Penalty, you think. But oddly enough, LaForge zeroed in on the fault of the Japanese.

STVV was not happy with the penalty not being whistled. It gave Truienaars a little extra energy and the club came under pressure.

Error saving Angel Mignolet

After coffee, STVV showed much more activity than Club. Koita Okazaki brought one-on-one with Mignolet with a fine ball, which kept the club upright with his left hand.

Fifteen minutes from time, however, the saving angel made a mistake with a cross from Hashioka. Mignolet let the ball slip through his hands. Bruno was a good observer and worked ruthlessly on the inside.

Moments later, Klopp rallied from 2-1 down after a fine run by Hashioka. His cross was lost by the sudden Ritz.

Bruno – again – kicks the ball into the goal again. He was immediately called offside. And suddenly there was a suspicion whether the ball had not come from the foot of Bruges. But the VAR scan showed Boya and not Jutgla touched the skin last.

In the final stretch, substitute Nossa put goalkeeper Schmidt back in action. The goal of winning is no longer in vain. Thus, Scott Parker remained the club’s manager after 3 matches without a win.

Meagher: “It’s not about trust”

  • Gianni Bruno (STVV): “It’s a well deserved point. Before the break we waited a lot. In the second half we showed we can get Klopp into trouble.”

    “It’s a pity we didn’t collect 3 points, but this performance is optimistic for the upcoming matches. Top 8 goal for STVV.”

  • Bjorn Major (The Club): “We lost two points again. I have no explanation why we didn’t win again. We have to review the pictures and conclude what it is.”

    “There is a lot of quality in our group of players, and it’s not because of confidence.”

Reactions and post-STVV press conference – Club Brugge:

  1. The second half, the 96th minute, the match is over
  2. Second half, 95th minute. The end. Club Brugge never won again. He deservedly took the lead in the first half, but STVV entered the game after the break. After a mistake by Mignolet, Club swallowed the equaliser. .
  3. Second half, 95th minute. Last corner. Club Brugge imposes another corner kick. .
  4. Second half, minute 92. 5 extra minutes. 2 of the 5 minutes of extra time have already been cancelled. Will we get another winner in this duel? .
  5. Second half, 91st minute. Schmidt saves. Finally another attempt from one of the club’s players. Noosa launches a bouncing ball, which Schmidt repels. .
  6. Second half, 90th minute. Substitution in STVV, Eric Jr. Bucat in, Gianni Bruno off
  7. The second half, minute 89. Substitution in Club Brugge, the entry of Kamal Al-Sawah, and No Lang
  8. Second half, 89th minute. Substitution in Club Brugge, Mats Ritz-N, Kasper Nielsen out
  9. Second half, 88th minute. Parker throws Souh and Rits into the fray. For Lang and Nielsen, it’s game over. Suwa and Rits are their replacements, so can they still force things into the final phase? .
  10. Second half, 86th minute. Nearing the end, Noosa comes sniffing at the edge of the box. He crosses the ball to Kasper Nielsen, who shouts that it’s been caught. .
  11. Second half, 85th minute. Club Brugge wants to speed up again. Peter VandenPept in Spurza on Radio 1.
  12. Second half, 82nd minute. Offside. The ball came towards Bruno from Troense’s foot. So not 2-1. .
  13. Second half, minute 81. Club Brugge substitution, Ferran Gotgla, Roman Garmchuk off
  14. Second half, 81st minute. Offside or goal? Bruno offside for meters, kicks hard into Mignolet’s goal, but is flagged down. But is the ball out of Bruges’ feet? The video assistant referee checks. .
  15. Second half, 81st minute.
  16. Second half, 79th minute. Almost 2-1. Hashioka – weather it is – wipes the right wing. His cross was shown wide by a stunned Ritz. The club survives the backlog. .
  17. Second half, minute 78. Substitution in Club Brugge, Antonio Nossa in, Tajon Buchanan out
  18. Second half, 78th minute. Club Brugge again gave up the lead. Peter VandenPept in Spurza on Radio 1.
  19. Second half, minute 76. Goal: Bruno equalized after Mignolet’s mistake. Ai, ai, ai… With a cross from Hashioka, Mignolet lets the ball slip through his hands. Bruno is well followed and pecked mercilessly. .
  20. Second half, 74th minute.
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