December 8, 2022

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Skate 4’s development is starting to take shape and it’s already “a lot of fun to play”

We recently got our first raw images Displayed from Skate 4, announced June 2020. According to Rumors EA will soon officially reveal the reboot of the beloved franchise, but seeing the above images suddenly seems a long way off.

Jeff Group, better known as the gamesHe started asking about his sources, and according to Grubb, Skate 4’s development was just beginning to take shape. It was mentioned in the article that developer Full Circle is currently busy adding key features, such as deep customization options that will be one of the pillars of Skate 4. Grubb says you can consider Forza’s toolkit here.

More important is the question of how the game has been played so far. Grubb’s report says the game is “great fun to play”, although Skate 4 is still in its relatively early stages. According to a recent test run, players should soon be able to create their own server and anyone who joins that server can add or remove items from a custom garden.

Anyway, the above looks very positive, but Skate 4 still has to wait a while, according to Grubb. So when Skate 4 launches and on which platforms it will be launched, you still have to keep our balance.

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