March 29, 2023

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Small sea forest grows

Small sea forest grows

Shells, stones, large seagrass, and tree trunks provide first refuge and food options for fish, crabs, and other animals.

See the underwater nature up close

The first mussels settled in the orchard and the first crabs and shrimps have already been spotted. Lying on your stomach, you can watch, feel and experience aquatic nature up close from the pier. Try to hold the shrimp in your hand in the water or feel a piece of grass, all of this is possible.

Ropes and nets were hung in various places on the pier, which had already become overgrown. Lifting it out of the water, you can literally see the underwater nature up close.

View by Grevelingen in the future

The Little Sea Forest is actually the Grevelingenmeer Forest in miniature. In the coming years, Tiny Sea Forest will have more room to develop and grow. Although it is still early of course, it seems that the underwater forest is already starting to take off well. And you can see what Grevelingen could look like in the future: unique and full of life.

Little Sea Forest is an initiative Even In association with Rijkswaterstaat and Staatsb Glosbeheer.

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