January 29, 2023

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SMEs demand administrative simplification: 6 percent value-added tax certificate on bulldozer |  News

SMEs demand administrative simplification: 6 percent value-added tax certificate on bulldozer | News

On Wednesday, the Supreme Council for Freelancers and Small and Medium Enterprises broke down a whole package of administrative simplification. The advisory board distilled 128 proposals for the federal government. For example, an organization requires the disposal of a VAT certificate when working in homes that are more than 10 years old.

The Supreme Council for the Self-Employed and Small and Medium Enterprises has issued two opinions demanding that the federal government, among other things, address the administrative burden. The government has a number of ambitious goals in this area. We support it, but now is the time to actually make it happen,” says Danny van Ash, Chief Justice and CEO of Unizo.

For example, they denounce the “large and unnecessary administrative burden for SMEs” in renovation work at the reduced value-added tax rate. For such a business, the owner must provide the entrepreneur with a certificate stating that the house qualifies for low VAT. And SMEs cannot verify whether the certification has been completed honestly. According to the advisory board, “the government should check in a different way whether the house meets the requirements.”

It should also be easier, for example, to publish something in the Official Gazette. Now, for example, founding a company, changing managers or changing the title of a publication “can be a real torment.”

Another stumbling block is the obligation to keep a hard copy of labor regulations wherever employees are employed. Now, for example, this must also be done in every vehicle of carriers and buses.

There are many very specific examples, for example the obligation of the employer to continue all formalities related to social elections to a certain point, even in the event of the complete absence of candidates. In conclusion, one from the transport sector: the council requests the abolition of the 60 km / h speed plate that trucks must be located in the back on the right. “This clause has no added value, as the speed limit of 60 kilometers per hour applies only to certain road networks. The absence of such a plate would not jeopardize safety on the road, but this is still fined.”
The Supreme Court includes 190 professional and multi-professional organizations of the self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses, and the liberal professions.

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